[Legacy Report] Software ecosystems for power system integration labs

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Address the following subject areas: 
1. Use of common information models and data repositories in the lab context. 
2. Integrated control design and validation platforms: Handling control algorithms and software between development, simulation, lab testing and field deployment. 
3. Lab configuration management and experiment meta-data: Creation, storage, retrieval and application of data related to detailed system configuration and external conditions. 
This outcome-oriented workshop aim to summarize exemplary experiences & best practices, seek coherence in the perceived challenges and prioritize focus & needs for further developments

We will hold two sessions with three invited talks each: 

Session I: The lab as an integrated control design and validation platform 
Talk-1: ”Experiences with Power System RT-HIL Control System Implementation and SCADA Integration” by Maxime Baudette, KTH 
Talk-2: ”Rapid Control Development Supported by a Loose Coupling Architecture for Heterogeneous Components” by Mario Faschang, TU Wien 
Talk-3: “A Standard-based Control Approach for Distributed Energy Resources” by Thomas Strasser, AIT 
Session II: Lab software support infrastructure 
Talk-4: ”Integrated Control and Design Platform for Electric Power Systems” by Arshad Saleem, KTH 
Talk-5: ”SESA-Lab: System-Wide Smart Grid Simulations for Generic Automation Architectures” by Martin Büscher, OFFIS 
Talk-6: ”Flexhouse-2: Infrastructure for flexible, user-friendly and fault-tolerant deployment of experimental controllers” by Oliver Gehrke, DTU

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  • Start time: 04 Apr 2014 09:00 AM
  • End time: 09 Apr 2014 04:30 PM
  • All times are (UTC+02:00) Copenhagen
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  • Roskilde, Roskilde Amt
  • Denmark

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