[Legacy Report] Seminar on Green Energy Enabled Mobile Networks


Proliferation of wireless devices and bandwidth greedy applications drive the exponential growth of mobile data traffic that results in a dramatic increase in energy consumption in mobile networks. As the energy harvesting technologies advance, renewable energy such as solar and wind energy will increasingly be utilized to power base stations (BSs) and reduce the brown energy consumption. Therefore, powering mobile networks with green energy is expected to be one of the major solutions for future energy efficient mobile networks. This talk covers the design and optimization of green energy powered mobile networks.
It is challenging to design and optimize such networks because of the dynamics of green energy availability and mobile traffic. In this talk, we present a network optimization framework recently proposed to optimize the green energy usage and the network performance. This framework includes the multi-stage energy allocation algorithm that optimizes the energy allocation at different time slots and the multi-BSs energy balancing algorithm that balances the traffic load among BSs. On balancing mobile traffic loads, a green energy aware and latency aware user association is proposed to balance the traffic load among BSs according to the average traffic delivery latency and the green energy usage in the network. The performances of the proposed schemes and algorithms have been validated through in-depth theoretical analysis and extensive simulations. Finally, directions for future research are delineated.
Acknowledgement: This work has been supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grants CNS-1218181 and CNS-1320468.

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  • Hong Kong, Guangdong
  • China


Nirwan Ansari of Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering New Jersey Institute of Technology


Address:New Jersey, United States