[Legacy Report] COMSOC Distinguished Lecturer Programme by Dr Ashutosh Dutta


The talk dealt with the security challenges and complexities Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) throw up even as they facilitate flexible networks and rapid service creation. He spoke of how 4G and 5G networks various operators have started the trial deployment of network function virtualization of Evolved Packet Core (EPC), virtualized IP Multimedia Services (IMS), Virtualized Residential Gateway, and Virtualized Next Generation Firewalls. He observed that very little attention has been given to the security aspects of virtualization. He, therefore, drew attention to the additional work that is needed within the larger security community including vendors, operators, universities, and regulators. He also highlighted some of the ongoing activities within the standards communities and illustrated a few deployment use case scenarios. He ended the talk with an overview of recent IEEE 5G Initiative (5g.ieee.org) and how it is going to help with the evolution of 5G eco system.

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  • Hyderabad, New Jersey
  • India


Dr Ashutosh Dutta of AT&T


Security Challenges and Opportunities in SDN/NFV and 5G Networks



Address:Middletown, United States