Speaker: Dr. Alper Sinan Akyürek, ASELSAN

Topic: "Optimal Control in the Smart City"

Location: Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Abstract: Once a dream, currently a massive reality; the Internet of Things is here, and it is growing. In such a massive connected  environment, developing scalable, dynamic and adaptive engineering solutions is of utmost importance. With recent advancements in  communication and computation, the IoT space contains a multitude of  heterogeneous connected nodes with various sensing and computational  capabilities. The current design paradigm must be adjusted to leverage  the current distributed computing capabilities, while adhering to the  constraint of scalability. This talk presents an optimal framework for  a specific IoT space from the energy perspective: The Smart City. The  framework contains four components. At the core lies a novel, scalable  and distributed middleware consisting of small computational engines  called the “context engines”. The context engines leverage a novel model generation algorithm capable of generating analytic models with  adjustable accuracy. A novel communication control algorithm provides  an optimal flexible solution for interconnectivity. The whole system  is then used by a novel optimal distributed nonlinear energy control  algorithm. Although the solutions are designed for the smart city  environment, the core concepts  are general enough to be applied to  the other IoT spaces.

Bio: Alper Sinan Akyurek is currently a Senior Software and Design  Engineer at Aselsan Inc. His current work involves the design of  custom, robust, wireless solutions for military applications at multiple layers and the implementation of these solutions on embedded platforms. Dr. Akyurek finished his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, San Diego, and obtained  his M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering  at Middle East Technical University in 2017, 2011 and 2008,  respectively. After his Ph.D. he continued his work as a PostDoc at  UCSD, and before, he was working at his current company. He currently  has 20 publications and 3 patents.

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  • Ankara, Ankara
  • Turkey


Alper Sinan Akyürek of ASELSAN


Optimal Control in the Smart City



Address:Ankara, Turkey