[Legacy Report] Short Course on STOCHASTIC OPTIMAL CONTROL, Applied for Aerospace Electronics


The Short Course on STOCHASTIC OPTIMAL CONTROL, Applied for Aerospace Electronics, is about the introduction of the said subject, delivered to the students, lecturers, and professionals, at the Telkom University, Bandung Indonesia.

The syllabus of the course consists of two big subjects : a) Kalman Filter, b) Incorporation of the Kalman Filter at the Optimal Control.  The course was given by Arifin Nugroho (Sr. Life Member of IEEE, also a CTO at UNISAT Co) and Larasmoyo Nugroho (Non Member, working as an Aerospace Designer at LAPAN (Indonesian Aerospace Agency). To make the course enjoyable to the audience who were mostly undergraduate students, the lecturers organized the course in a Teaming Lecturing. The first speaker delivered mostly the conceptual parts of the subject(s) whereas the second gave the vibrance by delivering numerous examples backed up by Matlabs-run results, plus some drawn from existing on-line of Kalman Filtering illustrations.  

It was quite an experience to teach in less than a day the audience with less familiarity in ODE, matrix analysis, functional analysis, stochastic process and optimal control, which forced the speakers to do more heuristic approach in delivering the materials, with an attempt to show more practical synthesis.



  Date and Time




  • Bandung, Jawa Barat
  • Indonesia
  • Co-sponsored by Student Chapter at Telkom University, and Telkom University


Arifin Nugroho of UNISAT Company


Stochastic Optimal Control, applied for Aerospace Electronics



Address:Bandung, Indonesia

Larasmoyo Nugroho of LAPAN (Indonesia Aerospace Agency)


Stochastic Optimal Control applied for Aerospace Electronics



Address:Bumi Serpong Damai, Indonesia