1st AAU Workshop on Future Topics in Satellite Communication


Aalborg University, Denmark

Over recent decades, satellite technology has been extensively used in telecommunication systems –such as television broadcasting, mobile telephony and radio localization—and its use is expected to become even more widespread over the coming years. Denmark and, in particular, the Nordjylland area have been at the forefront of research and development in the area, thanks to the complementary contributions made by Aalborg University and the many technological companies operating there. The combination of academic and industrial expertise provides the region with a unique set of skills and experience to address the future challenges in satellite communications.

This one-day workshop aims to bring together academic and industrial engineers and researchers from the area with the goal to share their views on the evolution of satellite communications and encourage cooperation between the different industrial and academic peers. The workshop is addressed as well to electrical engineering students who have an interest in the topic and is supported by the Danish chapter of the IEEE Signal Processing Society and by the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA).

  Date and Time




  • NOVI Auditorium
  • Niels Jernes Vej 10
  • Aalborg, Nordjyllands Amt
  • Denmark 9220
  • Building: NOVI 1
  • Room Number: Auditorium

  • Workshop Organizers

    Elisabeth de Carvalho (edc@es.aau.dk)
    Petar Popovski (petarp@es.aau.dk)
    Troels Pedersen (troels@es.aau.dk)
    Carles Navarro Manchón (cnm@es.aau.dk)

    Registration via e-mail to Charlotte K. Madsen (ckm@es.aau.dk)

  • Co-sponsored by Danish Society of Engineers (IDA)


9h00-9h10 Welcome and opening of the Workshop, by Prof. Elisabeth de Carvalho

9h10-9h35 “Signal processing research and education at Aalborg University”, Carles Navarro Manchón; IEEE AAU student Branch”, Alex Sabin Bana

9h35-10h15 “Signal Processing for High Throughput Satellite Systems. Challenges for new Interference limited Scenarios”

Presenter: Ana Isabel Pérez-Neira, CTTC, Spain

10h15-10h40 “Nanosatellite communication - what will be needed in the future”

Presenters: Ana Virginia Hanessian de La Garza, Beatriz Soret. GomSpace, Denmark

10h40-11h10 Break, networking

11h10-11h35 “SB-SAT: LEO communication via commercial GEO MSS”

 Presenter: Lars Christensen, Gatehouse, Denmark.

11h35-12h00 CubeSat, Aalborg University,

Presenter: Jesper Abildgaard Larsen

12h00-13:30 Lunch Break, Poster presentation by Master’s and PhD students.

13h30-14:10 “Multi-Edge Type LDPC Code Design for the McEliece Cryptosystem”

Presenter: Gianluigi Liva, DLR; Germany

14h10-14h35 Satlab activities in satellite communication”

Presenter: Jeppe Ledet-Pedersen, Satlab, Denmark

14h35-15h00 ”MegaMan Project”

Presenter: Lars Molsten, 2operate, Denmark. Nestor Javier Hernández Marcano, Århus University, Denmark

15h00-15h25 “Photonic integrated circuits – opportunities for satellite communication”

 Presenter: Martijn Heck, Århus University, Denmark.

15h25-15h30 Closing of the Workshop