STEM Volunteer Panel


Have you considered helping out at a STEM event at your local school, or for a regional event?   There are plenty of opportunities and ways to get involved.  These can include judging, presenting or support at single day events, or mentoring over a period of time.  Events in NH that we hope to discuss include:

This is your opportunity to find out how the volunteer thing works from your IEEE peers who have participated in the past.

Having just done the "Young Inventors" I found the opportunity to talk with these inspired k-12 kids was delightful ... hard to judge in some ways -- but easy to pass along words of encouragement and the recognition that may just be the boost one of these kids might need to get involved in technology/engineering in the future.

Please join us and find out if it is something you might enjoy .... oh yes, we will have Pizza and drinks as well.

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  • 2598 N River Rd
  • Hooksett, New Hampshire
  • United States 03106
  • Building: SNHU Webster Hall
  • Room Number: 203
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  • Co-sponsored by NH IEEE PACE
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Robotics Events


5:30 -- get a slice of pizza or two and a drink

6 PM -- will have panelists introduce the STEM activities where they have been active

7 PM -- questions, answers, more pizza if it remains.