Varieties of Elitism: Possible relationships between humans and machines


Much as cells gain advantage by forming into interdependent bodies, humans and machines might gain advantage by forming into interdependent families, teams, companies, and so forth. This potential implies systems which leverage their own internal diversity, and prompts us to ask how one would need to organize to achieve such leverage. This talk makes clear that every form of social organization is a form of elitism. It will coincide with the public release of open source code you can use to compare various forms of elitism: fundamental design patterns for systems of machines, systems of people, and systems that integrate technology into human societies. Temporarily setting aside our subjective interests, we will run the objective calculations for common and potential forms of elitism. You are invited to develop and test your own designs to increase social intelligence.



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  • Webinar
  • Nashua, New Hampshire
  • United States 03062
  • Dr. Sridhar Raghavan



Dr. Chris Santos-Lang

Chris Santos-Lang authored seven patents related to artificial intelligence and was an early pioneer of the field of machine ethics. He currently studies evaluative diversity in both humans and machines, and maintains His most recent peer-reviewed publication is "Corporantia: Is moral consciousness above individual brains/robots?"


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