IEEE RAS, Bangalore Chapter Executive committee meeting was held on 9th June, 2018. The following items were discusssed

Attendees: Dr. Shikha Tripati, Dr. Sudarhsan TSB, Dr. Kishnan, Mr. Srinivasa Chary, Mr. Kousik, Mr. Rangan

1. Getting online access 
2. Changing the signatories
3. IEEE Account Support from Bangalore section.
4. Check with Kini for the auditing.
5. Auditor charges borne by RAS chapter.
6. RAS Logo is finalized (purple and black)
7. Dr TSB gave updates on robotics symposium, 3D printing workshop, RASE.
8. IoT workshop - To be discussed with Soumya
9. Robotics startups at IIM.
10. Job opport / interns for robotics / resume pool on the website - Dr Krishnan
11. RAS to be the tech sponsor for the Event organized by Dr Jharna Majumdar
12 . 1 tutorial organized by Dr Jharna before the conference.
13. NMIT 2 weeks robotics handson workshop in July. RAS office bearers and members to attend.
14. RAS student chapter to be started in NMIT
15. RAS Support for ICACCI from Sep 19-22. Dr Sudarshan
- Robotics workshop (tutorial) to be organised  by RAS

- Startup Sessions
16. Distinguished lecture program possibility to be explored
17. Open source framework for robotics
18. Robotics membership drive -- ask existing student members to speak about their experience

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