Doppler Estimation for Aeronautical Satellite OFDM system


Air traffic and onboard data access services are expected to have tremendous growth, possibly even exponentially in the near future. To meet these challenges, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) can be deployed to enable the increased usage of broadband services on-board. The Doppler effect is one of the major issues in implementing OFDM modulation in aeronautical satellite communication systems since the received carrier frequency shifts and Doppler spread result in inter-carrier interference (ICI). In this paper, we evaluate the Doppler frequency estimation using the parametric method, and Angle of Arrival technique (AoA) to reduce the impact of Doppler on system performance. A model of an aeronautical satellite channel is presented for the evaluation. The MUSIC, Eigenvector and Minimum Norm algorithms are used to estimate the sub-carriers' shift of the received OFDM symbol. We found that both the parametric method and Angle of arrival estimation can be combined as a potential approach to reducing the effect of ICI in the aeronautical satellite environment

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Houssein Boud


Doppler Estimation for Aeronautical Satellite OFDM system


Mr. Houssein Boud is a Ph.D. student at Western University, electrical and computer department, London Ontario and member of IEEE society; his research focuses on the implementation of OFDM system in satellite communications that related to aeronautical communication system deployment. Mr. Boud is holding a Master of Science degree in Communications Engineering and signal processing from the University of Plymouth, UK. After acquiring his master’s degree, he has worked in industry as wireless/satellite field engineer,  deploying uplink terminals, wireless networks based on MF-TDMA & DVB-S network access technique. He has trained and worked with different leading satellite and wireless equipment manufacturers such as ND Satcom AG, Wi-LAN and Skylogic for delivering network connectivity solutions. Mr. Boud has contributed with several technical papers as main author and co-author.