Behavioral Research: software, hardware tools and services


Under the umbrella of IEEE Membership Benefits, the range of research outreach and events including IEEE Slovenia Section was introduced. The organizational structure of IEEE and local groups were described and the events from past year were listed, including international conferences and other IEEE geographical activities.

Focused on technical activities, the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society was presented. As local events, the IWSSIP 2018 ( and SEMCCO 2019 & FANCCO 2019 ( were listed. To introduce the topics of the lecture to follow, the IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing (Impact Factor 4.585) was highlighted as one of IEEE technical content benefits: the IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing is a cross-disciplinary and international archive journal aimed at disseminating results of research on the design of systems that can recognize, interpret, and simulate human emotions and related affective phenomena.

Albert Willemsen and Wouter Van de Velde presented the topics of Behavioral Research from Noldus Information Technology company. They provided the basic information about the core activities and field of work. Products including software, hardware tools, and services were presented. Furthermore Mr. Willemsen and Mr. Van der Velde showed practical examples of using software tools as the Observer XT and FaceReader. Following their presentation, the discussion on behavioral research and the range of their services followed. In the range of activities at UM FERI, the presenters also invited interested researchers to submit their interest for future collaboration.

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  • Koroska cesta 46
  • Maribor, Slovenia
  • Slovenia 2000
  • Building: FERI
  • Room Number: G2-GAMA