Alan Turing Seminar - Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Control Tasks in Intelligent Space


The subject of this seminar is an application of fuzzy cognitive maps for control of complex systems, specifically the intelligent space based on a paradigm of the internet of things. A review of various methods and tools applicable to control complex systems will be provided. The first part of introduces the methodology of situational control applicable to control complex systems using the means of artificial intelligence, with a focus on fuzzy cognitive maps. In the next part, extensions to basic fuzzy cognitive maps are proposed and implemented using a novel programming library with its appropriate web-based application programming interface. And finally, this interface is used to prototype a specific model of situational control of intelligent space within a scope of a mobile robot navigation.

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  • Technical University of Kosice, Letna 9
  • Kosice, Slovakia
  • Slovakia 04200
  • Building: Main building
  • Room Number: B-520
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  • Starts 15 February 2019 01:45 PM
  • Ends 15 February 2019 02:00 PM
  • All times are Europe/Bratislava
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Michal Puheim