1st Tuesday Journal-Paper Club


1st Tuesday Journal-Paper Club

 Welcome to the May 1TJC,

WE WILL BE GOING TO the Bavarian Eagle Street Pier: http://www.thebavarians.com/venue/eagle-street-pier/ (PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF VENUE), as we have had a consistently large attendence recently I've turned the reservation facility on, please use it so that I can book a table of the right size.

Megan Dawson will be presenting:

"Cake cutting: not just child's play"



We look forward to seeing you there


About the 1st Tuesday Journal-Paper Club: We meet usually on the 1st Tuesday of the month as the name suggests (inspired by the ABC TV series "1st Tuesday Book Club"). Each month, from amongst ourselves we identify a Reader Leader.  He or she picks a highly cited, 'top ten' or major-prize-winning article, preferably in an SPS or ComSoc journal. Through the month, each of us reads the article. At the next meeting, the Reader Leader leads a discussion of that article, starting with his/her own appraisal. In so doing, we all broaden our understanding of the field and further develop a sense of community.

1st Rule of 1st Tuesday Journal-Paper Club: tell everyone about 1st Tuesday Journal-Paper Club.




  Date and Time




  • Level 1/45 Eagle Street Pier
  • Brisbane City, Queensland
  • Australia 4000
  • Co-sponsored by Kristian Weegink
  • Starts 23 April 2019 02:37 PM
  • Ends 07 May 2019 11:00 AM
  • All times are Australia/Brisbane
  • No Admission Charge
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