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IEEE Montreal Section, IEEE Montreal Industry Relations Committee and Montreal Chapters of IEEE CAS, ComSoc and TEMS, are very pleased to invite you to attend the 6th edition of IEEE Research Boost event that will take place at Concordia University, Montreal, on October 30th, 2019, 5:00-9:00 PM. The event aims to foster collaborative research projects and networking among the industry, government and academia. It is an evening event during which invited experts and leaders from the industry, government and academia present some of the state-of-the-art innovations in their field of expertise. A poster session is available to offer a great opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows of accepted abstracts to present their research work to the industry, government and a distinguished judging panel. Three prizes of values $300, $200 and $100 will be offered to the best three participants in the poster competition. The event is of free registration and refreshments will be served. Looking forward to welcoming you at this exciting event!

Event Subjects

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer Vision
  • Smart Grids
  • Smart Cities
  • Cloud Computing
  • Signal Processing
  • Circuits & Systems
  • 5G

Registration & Important Dates

Registration is free but the number of places is limited. To reserve your seat, please follow the instructions in Eventbrite-6thIEEERB

  • Registration closes:  Oct. 28th, 2019
  • Abstract submission deadline: Oct. 15th, 2019 @ 23:59 hr (EDT) 
  • Author notification:  Oct. 18th, 2019

Abstract Submission

  • Graduate students & postdoctoral fellows who are interested to participate in the poster or demo session may submit an abstract about their research work through Microsoft conference management toolkit (CMT) website: Steps: (1) Create new account. (2) Login by using the URL of RB at CMT (3) Select a track and create a new submission.
  • The abstract should be self-contained and discuss the motivation of the proposed scheme, problem statement and its applications. 

Organization Committee

  • Dr. Saida Maaroufi, Chair of IEEE Montreal Section - Co-sponsor and Co-organizer
  • Prof. Rastko Selmic, Concordia University, Graduate Program Director - Co-sponsor and Co-organizer
  • Prof. M. Omair Ahmad, Concordia University, Chair of Montreal Chapter of IEEE CAS - Co-sponsor and Co-organizer
  • Dr. Hamidreza Sadreazami, Chair of IEEE Montreal Industry Relations Committee
  • Mr. Raphael Tana, Vice-Chair of IEEE Montreal Industry Relations Committee
  • Dr. Mohamed Naiel, Past Chair of IEEE Montreal IRC
  • Dr. Marzieh Amini, Co-Chair of Event Planner Team, IEEE Montreal IRC
  • Dr. Jalal Habibi, Co-Chair of Event Planner Team, IEEE Montreal IRC
  • Dr. Mohammad Rizwan Khan, Co-Chair of Publicity Team, IEEE Montreal IRC
  • Dr. Hamed Abdzadeh, Co-Chair of Publicity Team, IEEE Montreal IRC
  • Ms. Razieh Hassanshahi, Co-Chair of Event Coordinator Team, IEEE Montreal IRC
  • Dr. Omid Saatlou, Co-Chair of Event Coordinator Team, IEEE Montreal IRC

  Date and Time




  • Concordia University
  • 1450 Guy St.
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Canada H3H 0A1
  • Building: SGW
  • Room Number: 2.260
  • Click here for Map
  • For additional information, please contact:

    Dr. Hamidreza sadreazami
    Chair of IEEE Montreal Industry Relations Committee, IEEE Montreal Section

    Mr. Raphael Tana
    Vice-Chair of IEEE Montreal Industry Relations Committee, IEEE Montreal Section

  • Co-sponsored by IEEE Montreal Section, IEEE Montreal Industry Relations Committee and the Montreal Chapters of IEEE ComSoc, CAS, and TEMS
  • Starts 01 September 2019 12:41 PM
  • Ends 27 October 2019 12:41 PM
  • All times are Canada/Eastern
  • No Admission Charge


Invited Keynote Speakers

Invited Keynote Speakers

Dr. Kevin Heffner, Director of Innovation at Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM)

Talk Title: Enabling Technologies for Future Intelligent Transportation Systems

Bio: Kevin Heffner joined the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM) in 2017 as Innovation Director. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (1987), a master’s degree in fluid dynamics from the von Karman Institute and a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering. After starting his career at NASA, Kevin obtained his doctorate in the area of stability and control of space vehicles in the context of research performed for the French National Space Agency. Kevin has more than 30 years of experience in numerical methods, modeling and simulation and systems engineering. His main activity over the last ten years has been in the practical use of artificial intelligence technologies for applications in the aerospace and defence sector. Kevin is specialized in system interoperability and has participated in numerous interoperability standardization activities. In 2013, he received the NATO Scientific Achievement Award for his contribution in the standardization of interoperability between command and control systems and simulations. His recent research activities deal with the development of intelligent systems, including autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous ships. 


Dr. Samira Shabanian, Senior Reasearch Scientist at Microsoft Research Canada

Talk Title: How to Bridge the Gap between AI Research in Academia and Industry

Bio: My two major interests and passions are Computer Science and Mathematics, and I believe that there is a creative fusion between these two disciplines. Mathematics came to be my first chosen field quite naturally and I followed my passion until receiving a PhD in Mathematics. My research field tied with Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization and I did my research activities especially on the generalization of variational relations and fixed point theorems in geodesic and modular spaces.​ As a part of my research interest, I then decided to take the Computer Science path and work on this interesting field. So, I studied Machine Learning at MILA laboratory under Yoshua Bengio’s supervision. My research interests include deep learning, learning from high-dimensional data, training deep generative models and language models. My research project currently concerns the study of deep generative models and especially showcasing the power of these models for different problems.​


Mr. Phil Rivard, Director of Venture Managres at NEXT AI-Montreal

Talk Title:  NextAI - Start your AI company

Bio: Phil Rivard started his entrepreneurial journey at 19 when he founded ZQuared Media (pronounced "squared media"), a small digital agency helping local SMBs getting on the web in the early '90s. He designed coded and hosted hundreds of websites with ZQuared. He went corporate for a while as a SOX IT Audit & Compliance Consultant for Quebecor World Inc., but then came back to his entrepreneur roots with NUKERN, a SaaS platform that automates needlessly complex and time-consuming tasks for digital agencies and web hosting companies. With 15+ years’ experience in IT and web hosting, Phil graduated from different accelerators such as Founder Institute Montreal and Techstars Austin. Phil is now the Director of Venture Managers @ NextAI - Montreal, and is genuinely passionate about helping entrepreneurs learn from the mistakes he made in the past.

Invited Keynote Speakers - Session 4


Event Agenda

17:00 Registration opens

17:00 Session 1: Poster session and networking 

18:00 Session 2: Welcome Speech from IEEE Montreal IRC

18:55 Session 3: Poster session and networking

19:40 Session 4: Invited Keynote Speakers

20:30 Session 5: Closing remarks and award ceremony