IP Networking Fundamentals and Advanced Practice - Application to Broadcast Systems


IP networks are an integral component of the broadcast technical plant today. Integration with the legacy broadcast infrastructure can range from minimal system control functions to an end-to-end IP based content transport infrastructure. Regardless of the integration level or complexity, knowledge of IP networking is essential for the broadcast engineer and cybersecurity must be a top-of-mind concern. This tutorial presentation will seek to provide an understanding of IP network fundamentals, an awareness of advanced features, and practical steps to implement network security best practices in the design and support of a broadcast IP network.



  • Introduction to Networking Standards & Models (IEEE, IETF RFC(s), OSI, TCP)
  • Beyond the Fundamentals (VLAN, QoS, multicast, security features)
  • Structured Cybersecurity Implementation
  • Thinking Like a “Hacker” (verification & penetration testing)
  • Best Practices, References, & Take-Aways

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Wayne Pecena


IP Networking Fundamentals and Advanced Practice. Application to Broadcast Systems


Wayne M. Pecena is the Associate Director of Educational Broadcast Services at Texas A&M University where he serves as the Director of Engineering for Texas A&M public broadcasting stations KAMU TV & FM. Wayne has over 45 years of broadcast and IP network engineering experience and holds BS and MS degrees from Texas A&M University. Wayne is a Fellow of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) and holds the Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer (CPBE) and Certified Broadcast Network Engineer (CBNE) certifications from the SBE. Wayne serves as the national President of the SBE. He was named the 2012 SBE Educator of the Year, the 2014 Radio World Engineer of the year, and named an IEEE-BTS Distinguished Lecturer in 2018. He is a frequent industry speaker on IP Networking and cybersecurity topics for the broadcast technology professional. Past industry presentation events include IEEE-BTS, CCBE-Canada, WABE-Canada, InfoComm International, NAB BEITC, NAB Radio Show, PBS TechCon, APRE PREC, SMPTE, SBE Ennes Workshops, and numerous State broadcasting association events.


5:30 PM - 6:00 - Networking, Food and Refreshments

6:00 PM – 7:45 PM – Introduction, Presentation and Q&A.