IEEE AP-MTTS SBC, IIT Kharagpur organises workshop on "Interactive Learning Pedagogy using TaraNG:19.0"


The major focus during the workshop will be on Low-Frequency Design (LF) and High-Frequency Design (HF) of electronics systems. The first day of the workshop will cover the insight on circuit simulations i.e. mathematical modeling of electronics components and provide insight on how the simulation algorithms are developed. During this, we will conduct a hands-on session that includes a few linear and non-linear circuits. At the end of the session non-ideal behavior of the electronic systems and the effect of parasitics will be discussed. The second day of the workshop will demonstrate the need for 3D software for the design of electronics systems and brief on EMI/EMC issues, signal crosstalk and need of S-Parameters analysis at a higher frequency. The second day will focus on Antenna Design with modeling and simulation of sets of antennas especially Wire Antennas. We may also demonstrate few scattering problems considering basic shapes which can be covered under RADAR Cross Section Analysis having applications in Defense and Military purpose. At the end of workshop students will be able to learn how computers are solving the electronics designs and helping us in entire product life-cycle at industries. Also, students will be able to develop and code their own algorithms to solve electronics designs.

After the technical discussion on design & simulation methods in “Full Control Mode,” we will move forward for creating/managing contents (Push/Pull requests) and version control tools. We will also demonstrate few case studies which are prepared for “Companion Mode”. In the end, if time preserves, we can discuss report generation and understanding the format of reports which are in a well-known LaTeX formatted. 

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  • Start time: 19 Oct 2019 09:00 AM
  • End time: 20 Oct 2019 05:00 PM
  • All times are (GMT+05:30) Asia/Calcutta
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  • PC Lab - II, Computer Informatics Centre
  • Ramanujan Academic Complex, IIt Kharagpur
  • Kharagpur, West Bengal
  • India 721302
  • Building: Takshashila Building,


Swapnil Gaul


IEEE AP-MTTS SBC, IIT Kharagpur organises workshop on "Interactive Learning Pedagogy using TaraNG:19.0"


Swapnil Gaul has completed a Master's degree from IIT Kharagpur from 2011-2013 with a specialization in RF &Microwave. He has completed his project work which was mostly on computational electromagnetic & numerical techniques under the guidance of Prof. Ramesh Garg. After masters, he worked in NI Logic for simulation software and EDA tools including Altair’s FEKO, ESI’s CEM Solution and QuickField. He has demonstrated software in more than 75 Engineering institutes across India and provided consultation on simulation to various research organizations ISRO and DRDO.
He has published two research papers on, one was on ‘RCS prediction with Mom, MLFMM, PO & PTD methods’ associated with Defense Laboratory Jodhpur and other on ‘EMC analysis of cable harness using TLM method’ which was associated with ESI group & published at Indian Antenna Week 2017. he has contributed to the development of the PSO Optimization toolbox for MATLAB. While demonstrating the software to undergraduate students he realized that many students are uncomfortable using the simulation software. Yet there is a need for a unified solution where the goal is not to learn the software but it is to learn the concepts by understanding those simulations. After getting the adequate industrial experience he quit the job to develop the simulation packages which will allow hands-on based learning experience. He continued his masters' project to make it in the form of a product and started a private limited company to commercialize the same to achieve the goals in a strategic manner.

Address:FLat NO. 5, Gardenia Phase-II Building A-6 , Somnath Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411014