Advances in Open Liberty and Java Performance

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Are you a Java developer or Open Liberty user who is interested in improving your application's performance for the cloud environment?

In this talk, we will share insights about running Java EE, MicroProfile, and SpringBoot applications to quantify how well your application will perform with Open Liberty and OpenJ9 in different scenarios. We will discuss the cutting-edge advancements in the Eclipse OpenJ9 Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which is a core component of OpenJDK with OpenJ9. We will also talk about features that are important for cross platform performance as well as platform specific exploitation of the latest hardware features on Intel and other platforms.

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  • Date: 30 Jan 2020
  • Time: 06:30 PM to 09:00 PM
  • All times are (GMT-05:00) Canada/Eastern
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  • University of Toronto - St. George Campus
  • 40 St George St
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Canada M5S 2E4
  • Building: Bahen Building
  • Room Number: BA 4287
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  • Contact Event Host
  • Younas Abbas

    Vice Chair, IEEE Computer Society (Toronto Chapter)

  • Starts 25 November 2019 03:13 PM
  • Ends 30 January 2020 12:00 PM
  • All times are (GMT-05:00) Canada/Eastern
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Vijay Sundaresan Vijay Sundaresan of IBM Toronto


Advances in Open Liberty and Java Performance


Vijay Sundaresan is a Performance Architect at the IBM Toronto Lab responsible for WAS/Java runtime performance. Vijay's technical background and expertise are in the areas of performance analysis, compilation and virtual machine technology, Java SE and Java EE specifications, as well as hardware optimizations over the past two decades. Vijay was one of the original architects on both the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM as well as on the Eclipse OMR open source projects. As a graduate student at McGill University Vijay also made contributions to the Soot bytecode analysis framework that is very popular for implementing tools and optimizations.


6:30 PM --- Registration and Coffee

6:45 PM --- Welcome Remarks by session chair and vice chair

7:00 PM --- Technical Session 

8:45 PM --- Closing