Virtual air traffic control tower tour


The Federal Aviation Administration in collaboration with the Colorado Aeronautics Division selected the Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport for its first virtual air traffic control tower in the nation.  It will employ advanced sensor technology and cameras to collect data and feed information to a central location where controllers will be able to communicate with and direct airplanes in the vicinity of the airport.

 The system is designed with advanced, ground-based sensor technology to monitor aircraft movement, providing remote air traffic controllers with the same information a brick-and-mortar tower would give them.  The system will be unique to the NoCo airport’s layout, with a central tower and two end towers, one at each far end of the runway area to eliminate blind spots.  Each tower is equipped with cameras -  the central tower has 17, arranged to give controllers a 360-degree view of the airport, and the end towers each have six.  The camera data can be zoomed, tilted and panned via remote control and preset settings. There’s a night-vision setting that illuminates the runways with neon lights and dims the screen for better visibility.

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  • Ft. Collins Loveland Airport, Colorado
  • United States
  • Building: Virtual tower building
  • Starts 27 January 2020 01:16 PM
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