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IEEE Canada is hosting a webinar series on Technology Leadership.  We are inviting professional associations, learnt societies, think tanks, governmental agencies, and other institutions to participate and contribute speakers.  This webinar series is a platform bringing our thought leaders from different stakeholders, from all walks of life to present their views and advocate their positions on science, technology, society, and future economy.  It will be open and free to the general public. 

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  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Canada
  • Starts 01 April 2020 05:16 AM
  • Ends 27 April 2020 12:00 PM
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Jeff Kinder

Jeff Kinder of Institute on Governance


Beyond Endless Frontiers: Re-negotiating the Social Contract between Science, Engineering and Society

Since World War II, the basic arrangement between the scientific enterprise and society has been this: the scientific community receives public funding for research and maintains a high degree of autonomy in determining the research agenda. In exchange, the public receives considerable but unpredictable benefits that flow from science and engineering. But this social contract is under strain.

Science and engineering are needed more than ever to help address society’s grand challenges and disruptive opportunities, but our approach to the scientific enterprise — how it’s funded, how research is conducted, and how new knowledge and innovations are put to use — must evolve to remain relevant in a ‘post-truth’ / ‘post-trust’ context. What is the history of this social contract? What is driving the need to reimagine it? And what is necessary to reinvigorate the social contract between the public and the scientific community?


Jeff has over 30 years of experience in government science, technology and innovation policy in the US and Canada. His US experience includes the National Science Foundation, the National Academies and the Naval Research Laboratory.

In Canada, Jeff has worked at Industry Canada, Natural Resources Canada and the Council of Science and Technology Advisors (CSTA). In 2014, he supported the Knox Panel on Government Science and Technology. Most recently, he led the Federal S&T Secretariat supporting the Minister of Science, the Deputy Minister Champion for Federal Science and related initiatives, including the Federal S&T Infrastructure Initiative (now Laboratories Canada). Jeff is currently on interchange with the Institute on Governance.

At the University of Ottawa, Jeff is a Fellow of the Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP) and Adjunct at the Telfer School of Management. Jeff is a board member of the Canadian Science Policy Centre and a member of the Advisory Council of the Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellows program.

He is co-editor with Paul Dufour of A Lantern on the Bow: A History of the Science Council of Canada and its Contributions to the Science and Innovation Policy Debate (Invenire, 2018). He holds a PhD in public policy, a Master’s in science, technology and public policy, and a BS in physics.


Disclaimer: the statements and opinions expressed by the webinar speakers are those of the speakers, they do not neccessarily represent that of the IEEE Canada.