Hornsdale Power Reserve Technical and Market Impact


QUT PECT Seminar - Hornsdale Power Reserve Technical and Market Impact


In September 2016, South Australia experienced a once-in-50-years storm with gale-force winds, at least 80,000 lightning strikes and two tornadoes. Transmission towers were felled, power generators struggled to remain connected to the network, and South Australia lost its transmission connection to Victoria. The result was a state-wide black-out, which took several days to return to normal.

In response, the Government of South Australia announced several urgent projects to address system security, as well as reliability and price risks for its energy customers. Also included was a 100-megawatt battery project. Aurecon was appointed as its State Specialist and Technical Engineering Advisor.

The presentation will provide an overview of exactly how the resulting Hornsdale Power Reserve (HPR) project was conceived, designed and operated. This solution provides a targeted contribution to the State’s objective of ensuring reliable, affordable and clean power.

The range of system network services provided by HPR and their impact on power system security will be explained, along with case studies of how it has performed in service. Results will also be presented from Aurecon’s market analysis, demonstrating how the project has had a major impact in reducing energy market costs.

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  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Australia
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Steve Wilson of Aurecon


Hornsdale Power Reserve Technical and Market Impact


Steve Wilson
Principal Power Generation Engineer Aurecon


Steve is a leading grid-scale battery storage and hybrid power systems expert with experience across multiple projects. He has supported development of a range of projects across phases of project definition, specification, procurement, and execution, including as lead technical adviser to the South Australian Government for the Hornsdale Power Reserve 100 MW battery project from project conception through to final testing.

His battery and hybrid power systems experience includes both large grid-connected systems and smaller systems for isolated networks, executed with a range of delivery models. Steve specialises in stand-alone and integrated generation and storage project development, network integration and energy market participation.