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Microgrids - What are they? Who needs them? Today we have more and more power requirements stressing the power utility companies. For critical power for facilities like data centers, hospitals and water treatment plants it is critical to have a sustainable power source. Find out today how you may be able to develop an independent microgrid. 

How energy is being produced and consumed in this new energy landscape.  We will discuss how Microgrids effect economic gains, improved resiliency and sustainability. Our session will briefly describe what Microgrids are, the types of microgrids and solutions for taking your facility off the grid. What would it take for your facility to be completely independent of Utility Power? Sign up today for our lunch session as we discuss valuable key concepts on keeping your facility up and running 24/7. 

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  • Date: 09 Oct 2020
  • Time: 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
  • All times are US/Pacific
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Live Stream - Seattle Washington

  • Seattle, Washington
  • United States 98125

  • Mike Brisbois

  • Co-sponsored by IEEE Power & Energy Society
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  • Starts 22 September 2020 09:42 AM
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John Ahrens

John Ahrens of Schneider Electric



John Ahrens
Program Director, Microgrid Competency Center, Schneider Electric
BSEE Power Engineering, Power Systems Engineering from the California State University, Northridge


John Ahrens - 10 years in the power industry. Program Director, Microgrid Competency Center and has a BSEE Power Engineering, Power Systems Engineering from the California State University, Northridge


Address:Garden City , Idaho, United States

Mike Brisbois, PE

Mike Brisbois, PE of Salas O'Brien


IEEE CN Chair Seattle

Mike has been working in the data center and critical power systems industry for +20 years. He has a PE from Washington State and Texas and is presently a design engineer for Salas O'Brien. He specializes in Power Systems Design and power studies analyses. 


Mike Brisbois, PE is in the critical power design and power systems engineering. He produces power systems studies including short circuit, arc flash and coordination analyses. Mike graduated from the Florida Institute of Technlogy with a BSEE/MBA. 


Address:10202 5th Avenue NE #300, , Seattle, Washington, United States, 98125


12:00 pm IEEE Announcements
12:02 pm Introduction of speakers
12:04 pm Presentation on Microgrids - Basics, types of, and possible solutions
12:24 pm Examples - Total Grid Independence - Partial Grid Independence
12:45 pm Q&A


Black outs, brown outs, swells, sags, dirty power: Can Microgrids solve these problems? We will discuss basic Microgrid technologies, provide two examples of total power independence and what partial microgrids would consistent of. Find out what you need to have to obtain clean power, sustainable energy and continuity of service 24/7 at your campus. Sign up today for our lunch session.