NOTE: THIS EVENT IS BEING RESCHEDULED TO A DATE LATER IN 2022 Disruptive Innovation in Sports Lighting

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NOTE: THIS EVENT IS BEING RESCHEDULED TO A DATE LATER IN 2021  Invited talk by Joseph Casper, Executive Officer and Founder, M3 Innovation, LLC

Disruptive Innovation in Sports Lighting

LED Sports lighting and various IoT Technologies have become a commodity item.
Limited innovation has been deployed to enhance the user experience, player
performance, and safety of fans and players. Innovation begins at the chip level
design with sub-10nm CMOS and GaN technologies. GaN offers unprecedented
advantages over Si and SiC. Ultra-high-power density and high voltage operation
at significantly higher frequencies with extremely low conduction losses are critical
in the design of high-power AC/DC convertors for LED Lighting and low power/
high bandwidth consumable IoT Systems. 5G wearables, 25 Mbps Streaming
Video, LiDAR, and 1 Gbps LiFi communication technologies are advancing into
huge bandwidth, significantly less power, and extremely affordable to the
consumer at the sub-10nm CMOS technologies. Integrating these fragmented IoT
technologies into a single system solution through an open protocol at an
extremely low cost of ownership will be very disruptive in the Sports Market. This
talk will share various RF Communication technologies that are being exploited in
the sports market.



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  • Date: 31 Dec 2022
  • Time: 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
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Joseph Casper Joseph Casper


Joseph Casper - Co-Founder & Technology Innovation Officer, M3 Innovation

Joe Casper is the co-founder of M3 Innovation, LLC and has a mission to disrupt
the $8.5B outdoor municipal sports lighting market with innovative product
solutions at significantly lower cost than traditional systems. M3 Innovation has
developed intellectual property for the sports lighting and IoT market. Joe has
spent his career pursuing technology and innovation, leading to high-profile
positions at prominent companies throughout the US and acquiring over 30 years’
experience in advanced technology development. Prior to Ephesus, Joe managed
the nanotechnology development efforts essential to Lockheed Martin’s critical
technology fulfillment needs. Joe led the startup team of WaferTech, a $1.4B
semiconductor facility in Washington State.

Joe has held numerous technology development and engineering positions at
Motorola and Fairchild Semiconductor where he was critical in the development of
Motorola s mobile cellular technology. In 2010, Joe founded Ephesus Lighting in
which is now part of Eaton Corp. Under Joe’s direction, Ephesus Lighting has
achieved many firsts with its LED lighting installations, including lighting the first
professional sports venue in North America with LED, lighting the first NFL
stadium, lighting the first Super Bowl with LED lighting, and lighting the first
NSCAR Speedway with LED lighting. Ephesus luminaires now shine brightly at
over 2500 professional, collegiate and multi-purpose venues throughout North
America. In his time with Ephesus, Joe has co-authored over 32 design and utility
patents, covering all aspects of LED technology from advance electronics, heat
dissipation methods, advance system controls, optic design, integrated sensors and

Joe has also developed a GaN-on- diamond proprietary LED chip technology with
a chemical composition optimized for packing density and high output lighting.
Joe’s input has influenced the development of lighting standards for a variety of
sports-related organizations, including the NFL, NBA and NHL, as well as
broadcasting organizations including CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, and the IES global
standards for sports & recreation lighting. Joe has lectured and spoken at
numerous committees, including the DOE National Energy Conference, ISENA
Sports and Recreational, and Leadership Greater Syracuse on Entrepreneurship in
Economic Development. Joe earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemical
Engineering and his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute.

Joe can be reached at