Introduction to Onshore Wind Technology


IEEE Lebanon Joint Chapter (IE13/PE31/CAS04/PEL35)

On behalf of the IEEE Lebanon Joint Chapter (IE13/PE31/CAS04/PEL35), CLAF (Canada) and NDU Student Branch, you kindly invited to attend virtually the presentation of Eng. Adam Chehouri, PhD on Saturday February 13, 2021 at 5:00 pm Beirut Time.

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Adam Chehoury, PhD of DNV GL Energy, North America


Wind Turbine, Wind Technology

Abstract: Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of new electricity generation in the world today. These growth trends are linked to the benefits associated with wind energy including green power, sustainability, affordability and economic development. At the end of 2019, 60 GW of new wind capacity was added worldwide, bringing the cumulative installed capacity to 651 GW. Although three-bladed, upwind turbines emerged as the dominant configuration in the late 1980s, this design has since undergone numerous design improvements that have contributed toward greater reliability, increased energy generation and lower LCOE. In addition to scaling, wind turbine design has become more tailored to the specific market conditions where this technology is deployed. What does the present and future of wind turbine technology look like? What are the design trends, current challenges and technological innovation in today's wind industry? This webinar hosted by Wind Turbine Engineer at DNV GL, Mr Adam Chehouri, will attempt to answer these key questions.


Adam’s Biography: Adam holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, where he completed his doctoral research on the optimization of wind turbine blades using computational intelligence. Adam has published several publications in the fields of wind turbine optimization and computational intelligence techniques.
Adam Chehouri is a Wind Turbine Engineer with the Wind Technology group at DNV GL, based in Montreal, Canada. Adam brings over 3 years of experience in the wind industry, with a current focus on North American onshore wind projects undertaking: independent turbine technology review, technical due diligence study, construction monitoring and operational wind performance analyses. His responsibilities also include wind turbine blade failure investigation and blade damage assessment. As of December 2020, Adam has successfully provided engineering services to over 18 GW of onshore wind projects in North America, including +10 Merger & Acquisition portfolio projects, construction monitoring of +2.5 GW, turbine technology risk assessment of +4.5 GW, site suitability analysis of +3 GW, site visit inspections of +30 sites across North America, and supported over 10 blade-related failure or damage investigations.

Prior to joining DNV GL, Adam held the role of junior engineer with the Renewable Power team at Hatch Ltd., where he led efforts to monitor, analyze and improve wind turbine performance, SCADA data analysis for failure detection of wind turbines, and supported pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for commercial-scale wind and hybrid projects in North America.

As such, this will be a high-level presentation on the current state of onshore wind turbine technology, current trends and future projections. Based on the feedback we receive from this presentation, we can definitely prepare subsequent webinars/workshops on specific topics of interest. 


Adam Chehouri, PhD