Swiss technology and innovation for the high-potential global wind energy market


Join us for an online event to learn about the relevance of Swiss technology and innovation for the high-potential global wind energy market!

Wind energy is a vital technology in the global fight against climate change. It has the lowest CO2 emissions and is one of the cheapest sources of renewable energy. However, the pressure for innovative technologies is still high due to several challenges, including the high offshore wind farm costs, the access difficulties of monitoring offshore wind turbines, grid reliability and integration issues, end-of-life issues and the uncertainty of operation in complex terrain and the interaction of wind farms with the atmospheric boundary layers.

In order to solve these challenges, there is an enormous untapped potential for Swiss innovation and technology to be exported to the rapidly growing wind energy market! The interdisciplinary nature of wind energy means that there are countless application possibilities – from AI to Big Data to Data Analytics to Smart Composites to Microelectronics to Smart Sensors to Control Solutions and much more. You will leave this event understanding the basics of wind energy technology as well as the key technological challenges and potential innovative solutions in this high-potential market. Finally, the need for an inclusive space for Open Innovation and Cooperative Collaboration within the wind energy industry is discussed, with a focus on the importance of diversity in the energy sector

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  • Date: 20 Apr 2021
  • Time: 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
  • All times are (GMT+01:00) CET
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Details for the webinar will be provided after registration

  • Starts 12 March 2021 11:59 AM
  • Ends 20 April 2021 09:00 AM
  • All times are (GMT+01:00) CET
  • No Admission Charge


Sarah Barber of OST


Sarah Barber leads the wind energy research programme at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences and is founder and president of the Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network. She is also a lecturer in wind energy at the universities of Oldenburg (DE), Kassel (DE), St. Gallen (CH) and Graubünden (CH). As well as this, she is qualified Business Coach and runs leadership workshops for engineers in her spare time. She is passionate about improving inclusion in wind energy science, and is currently founded a Diversity Committee at the European Academy of Wind Energy.

Sarah has joint a M.Eng. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cambridge (UK) and MIT (USA) and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering on the topic of Soccer Ball Aerodynamics from the University of Sheffield (UK). She has been active in the R&D of wind energy since 2007, working as a Postdoc and Lecturer at ETH Zurich, a Wind Energy Expert at the Swiss Utility BKW Energie AG, Chief Technology Officer at Agile Wind Power AG (CH) and Group Manager at Fraunhofer IWES (DE).


During this presentation we will cover:

  • Introduction to the global wind energy market.
  • The basics of wind energy operation.
  • The key challenges in the wind energy industry today.
  • Some possible solutions to these challenges.
  • How inclusive spaces can improve Open Innovation and Cooperative Collaboration and why diversity is important

This is the second session in the programme ‘Women in Power’ developed by IEEE PES Switzerland. In the programme, we focus on promoting the success of women in science, engineering and technology in Switzerland, with mentoring support and several events.