IEEE Switzerland General Assembly 2021


Dear Member of IEEE Switzerland,

We have the great pleasure to invite you to join us for the Annual General Assembly of IEEE Switzerland, to be held online via WebEx platform on April 27th from 2 pm to 5 pm. Connection details can be found at the end of this message.

The Agenda is as follows:

  1. Official part of GA 2021 (max. 1h30 minutes)

First quick vote on the approval of the Agenda for GA 2021.

A. Voting on proposal of slate of candidates for 2021-2022 mandate – 10 minutes

  • Chair: Thomas Hanselmann
  • Vice Chair: Luca Dalessandro
  • Secretary: Alexis Ponchon
  • Treasurer: Mathieu Coustans
  • Webmaster: Patroklos Anagnostou
  • Junior Past Chair: Maria-Alexandra Paun
  • Senior Past Chair: Andreas Koschak
  • Membership Development: Andreas Döring
  • Life Members Activities : Hugo Wyss
  • Educational Activities: Urs Röthlisberger
  • Student Activities: Hans-Andrea Loeliger
  • Industrial Relations: Heinz Mathis
  • Public Relations: Marco Giardina
  • Awards: Vacant

Please find attached bios of new 4 officers (a short CV+ motivation statement)

B. Region 8 split discussion and voting: – 10-12 minutes

Please vote on proposals A & B for Region 8 proposed split (see attached slides). These results will be communicated to Vincenzo Piuri, future R8 chair We would like to express the fact that ExCom endorses Proposal A (Motivation: well-aligned with continents, very well balanced in terms of GeoUnits, the smaller Region shows the greatest potential to grow)

C. Presentations from ExCom -1h

1. Current Chair’s presentation (by Maria-Alexandra Paun): voting on Minutes from GA 2020+ statistics + highlight of section events in 2020 (10 minutes)

2. Selection of few Chapters/Affinity Groups/Student Branches activity reports - 15 minutes

3. Note on remembering Mr. Jean Lebel (by Hugo Wyss) - 10 minutes

Break #1: 5 minutes

4. Financial report (by Danilo Zanatta): financial aspects/expenditures of section + new budget proposal+ voting on the financial report - 10 minutes

5. New Chair’s presentation (by Thomas Hanselmann) and overview of his chairmanship (objectives, vision) - 10 minutes

Break #2: 5 minutes after end of official part

  1. Entertainment Program (max. 1h30 minutes)
    • Hamilton: MagPipe (30 minutes)
    • Short pitch for IOT startup CLEMAP (15 minutes)
    • IBM: "Brain-inspired computing" describing activities towards the next-generation AI with neuro-inspired computing focusing on the neural dynamics and learning algorithms (30 minutes)

Notes: Voting will be done electronically online at the moment of GA 2021. All presentations will be timed. A short video will be played during the second break.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on the occasion of our General Assembly 2021.

Kind regards,

Maria-Alexandra Paun, PhD

Chair of IEEE Switzerland

(On behalf of ExCom of IEEE Switzerland)



"IEEE Switzerland General Assembly"


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Tuesday, April 27, 2021 14:00 pm, Europe Summer Time (Rome, GMT+02:00)

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Short bios of new officers CV and statements of new officers for IEEE Switzerland ExCom 2.12 MiB
Region 8 split proposal Region 8 split proposal A and B (pdf with details) 888.45 KiB