IEEE Webinar on Isolated Phase Bus Duct Technical Overview & Product Lifecycle Analysis


 Program for Tuesday, June 29th, 2021:

• Team Introductions (5min)
• Presentation (40min)
• Q&A (15min) 



The Isolated Phase bus (IPB) webinar presented by Powell will give a brief synopsis of the historical development of IPB cover the main  components, applications, ratings, performance, governing standards, applications, tests requirements, installation methods with a focused on established design theory and modern innovation. This presentation will also discuss design considerations and guidelines for new construction
units and field repair/replacement work.  The last section of the presentation will focus on the maintenance and available monitoring technology for bus systems.


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  Date and Time




  • Date: 29 Jun 2021
  • Time: 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
  • All times are Canada/Mountain
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The webinar link will be emailed to registrants on June 28.

  • Edmonton
  • Canada

  • Co-sponsored by Powell
  • Starts 15 June 2021 08:30 AM
  • Ends 28 June 2021 04:00 PM
  • All times are Canada/Mountain
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Jim Bredberg, Operations Manager - Aftermarket of Powell


Jim Bredberg received a B.S.M.E. from Marquette University in 2003.  After working as a foundry engineer, Jim joined Powell-Northlake in 2009 as a product engineer, specializing in Isophase bus.  In 2015, he was transferred to the aftermarket group to assist with field modifications, installations, and maintenance.  In 2017 he became engineering manager for the Powell bus division, managing all bus product lines: Isophase, non-seg, cable, and cubicles.  In 2019 Jim moved into the Operations Manager role for the Aftermarket Division, overseeing all construction and field bus projects.
Jim has over 2,000 field hours overseeing onsite bus installations, has performed IPB work in 25 different states, and is a licensed PE in Illinois since 2011.

Address:Naperville, Illinois, United States