Fundamentals of Probability in Python


In this workshop, we first provide a brief review of probability theory making sure that attendees understand probability models and applications. Later in this workshop, we will discuss basic probability models and their implementation in python, how to deal with various aspects of conditional probability like total probability theorem, conditional independence, Bayes Rule, etc. Then, we will discuss the implementation of discrete random variables as well as continuous random variable like Bernoulli variables, geometric variables, uniform, exponential and gaussian distribution. Afterwards, fundamental law of large numbers related programming concepts will be covered along with sample mean and variance of famous probability distributions.

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  • Date: 27 Sep 2021
  • Time: 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM
  • All times are Canada/Eastern
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Taha Sajjad


Taha Sajjad is a PhD student at York University in the department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.  She is currently working in Eckford’s Lab on molecular communications. Taha completed her Masters in Electronics and Communication from University of Engineering and Technology (UET) in 2007. Her research is multidisciplinary and focus on areas such as interfacing power and communication, biomedical instrumentation and photonics. She developed a chaotic model for optimization of speech recognition in Cochlear implant, resulted in two research papers. She has been research associate in Alkhawarizmi Institute of Computer Sciences, a research institute affiliated with UET, where she worked on smart metering project. The project was funded by metering industry, aimed to investigate and develop reliable and secure ways of remote data metering which suits consumer requirements of our country. This project enabled to reduce the line losses and power theft. Taha also worked shortly in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department of Lahore University of management sciences (LUMS) as a research assistant. She worked at the project of detecting adulteration in fresh milk using portable, reliable, and cost-effective optical sensor. Her interest is to expand a way of thinking and enhance skills to make positive difference in society with research. Taha is presently leading a team of associates as a member of World Financial Group (WFG) and helping to grow them as an entrepreneur.