CCECE 2021 Keynote Speech - Future Optical Network Architechture

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Future optical networks with orders of magnitude increase in data rates and large granularity bursty traffic need an architecture with high efficiency and also adapt dynamically to fluctuating offered loads and rapidly changing networks states. Moreover, applications and computing will impose new requirements on the network infrastructure such as time deadlines. The current network management and control systems only adapt quasi-statically (from minutes to days) due the smoothing effects of significant statistical multiplexing of traffic. Future networks will see increase in demands mostly due to large granularity sessions. These granular sessions present large dynamic range and bursty offered traffic to the network, resulting in unpredictable congestions and blocking. We will explore efficient and agile network algorithms to adapt quickly to changing network conditions: a cognitive network management and control system resides in the network control plane as a collection of coordinated algorithms that sense and infer network states, decide and implement fast scheduling of flows, predict intention of users/applications and take appropriate actions, perform rapid load balancing, and handle resiliency via reconfiguration, restoration and reconstitution of failed network assets. 

Speaker: Vincent Chan, Joan and Irwin Jacobs Chair Professor, Claude E. Shannon Communication and Network Group,EECS, MIT.

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  • Date: 14 Sep 2021
  • Time: 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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Vincent Chan of MIT


Vincent Chan, the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Professor of EECS, MIT, received his BS(71), MS(71), EE(72), and Ph.D.(74) degrees in EE from MIT. From 1974 to 1977, he was an assistant professor, EE, at Cornell University. He joined MIT Lincoln Laboratory in 1977 and had been Division Head of the Communications and Information Technology Division until becoming the Director of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (1999–2007). In July 1983, he initiated the Laser Intersatellite Transmission Experiment Program and the follow-on GeoLITE Program. In 1989, he formed and chaired the All-Optical-Network Consortium among MIT, AT&T and DEC, the Next Generation Internet Consortium, ONRAMP among AT&T, Cabletron, MIT, Nortel and JDS, and a Satellite Networking Research Consortium formed between MIT, Motorola, Teledesic and Globalstar. He chaired the Defense Science Board Task Force on Defense Communications, Networks and Satellite Communications and the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Advisory Committee. He also has been active with start-ups and was a Board Member of a Fortune-500 network company and a member of the Draper Corporation. After chairing the Strategic Planning Committee of ComSoc from 2018-2019, he is serving as the President of the IEEE Communication Society since January 2020.