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Type: - Conference Special Track

Name of Track: - Industry Forum

Day and Date: - Friday, December 3, 2021

Time: - 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (IST) 


The Conference special Track was conducted in collaboration with IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS), IEEE TEMS Pune Section and Industry Relations IEEE Pune Section. The proceedings of the track were held in a Virtual mode. The focus of the track was on Leadership, Talent and Technology, and Research and Development. 


The session chairs for the track were: 

Dr. Neha Sharma, Secretary, IEEE Pune Section

Mr. Prashant Joshi, Founder director, Leap n Scale, Pune


We began the sessions with the following speakers enlightening us with their speeches. 


Mr. Prashant Joshi, Founder director, Leap n Scale, Pune: - Opening Remarks & TEMS Objectives

Thomas Coughlin, President Coughlin Associates, California: - Future Workforce 

Eduardo Ahumada-Tello, Professor, Researcher at Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, California: - Subjective well-being and competitiveness in knowledge-based firms

Biswajit Mohapatra, Partner- IBM, Pune: - Leadership

Dr. Prashant Pansare, CEO, Intelliment, Pune: - Emerging technologies are the need of the hour

Dr. Simone Paymaster, Head, Corporate HR, Talent Management, (Transformation), Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai: - Industrial Talent Management


There was even a Panel Discussion on Importance and Impact of Diversity in Industry. The Panel Moderator was Mrs. Sudheshna Choudhury, TCS Kolkata. The Panelists were: -

Savita Kulkarni, Tata Consultancy Services, Pune

Sujata Chandran, Tata Consultancy Services, Pune

Girish Khilari, Chairman, IEEE Pune Section

Jitendra Tanna, Founder and President, Eternus Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune



Number of Attendees: - 117


Following are brief deliberations of all the sessions.


Mr. Prashant Joshi talked about IEEE and how it aided in exchanging ideas globally, being a global organization. TEMS additionally helped in providing a focus on Management and Leadership. The speaker then further discussed the need and importance of collaboration which led to social networking, connection, and exchanging ideas. The importance of transformation was also highlighted, making sure that the young minds can take their career forward.


Mr. Thomas Coughlin talked about the Future Workforce with the help of global research and surveys that collected data and helped understand the mindset of a working individual. There were mentions of changes like Digital Transformation, which was the need in this scenario, and how people from different parts of the world were adapting to work from home trends. The demand and supply chains were also highlighted, along with climate issues like global warming and the impact on healthcare systems in the current scenario.


Prof. Eduardo Ahumada-Tello elaborated on the parameters of happiness and subjective well-being in an organization. The talk emphasized the evolution of manufacturing in today’s generation and the digital and industrial trends in the 21st century, like Automation, the Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Cloud data storage, and renewable energy. How machines and AI helped in manufacturing was also discussed, and the importance of soft skills like critical thinking, management, creativity in today’s industrial scenario was discussed.


Mr. Biswajit Mohapatra talked about the importance of cloud and digital technologies from a business perspective. The importance of cloud data storage was discussed along with an emphasis on data security as well.  The talk extensively covered the digital trends in current scenarios and the need to adapt to them. Parameters like employee empowerment, personalized experience, business continuity were explored, and sustainable growth and its importance in society.


Dr. Prahsant Pansare highlighted the importance of leveraging data analytics in today’s digital scenario. Essential techniques to build Machine Learning models for prediction, forecasting, and text mining of data were elaborated. Highly secure and scalable solutions were extensively discussed, and concepts like Recommendation engine, cross-sells, and up-sells were explained using these new software algorithms. The importance of cloud and Artificial Intelligence was also discussed. 


Dr. Simone Paymaster discussed global talent management and its importance in an organization. New trends like flexible work schedule, hybrid workplace, remote working were elaborated upon, along with the importance given to Innovation, Digital Transformation, and training. Parameters like mental health and stress on employees were also discussed and how necessary motivation and mindset are essential in today’s scenario. Mentoring and coaching were also considered necessary for talent management.


After this, the Panel Discussion took place which began with Mrs. Savita Kulkarni talking about Diversity and its impact on gender expression. She said that we should not talk about only males and females. Studies show that 70% shows perceived effect when it is homogenous. Senior members bring stability and it really benefits the organization. She also spoke about Control to empower ,Transparency in communication and having a positive mindset. 


Mr. Jitendra Tanna spoke about Diversity and inclusivity, considering everyone equal. According to the data of June 2021, out of 500 fortune companies, 8% of CEOs are female, including a lot of people from different regions. He said that there is a sense of belongingness within the work culture including all at the authority level. Mr. Girish Khilari spoke about how Science technology is a fundamental unit, how technology is advancing towards humanity. He briefed that IEEE has no tolerance for discrimination, racism. It sticks to provide a secure environment. Its companies look for world-class products. 


Mrs. Sujata Chandran asks us How do outcomes change when we move towards better progress? She talks about how Inclusivity becomes a positive impact. She said that TCS becomes the first organization to include same-sex partners. She also mentioned the Network of diversified communities where everybody interacts with each other and creates a good workplace environment. Mrs. Sudeshna Choudhury talks about how women were doing in the science industry 75 years back. In past years, the percentage of girls included in education was very low and now it is high. 


Mrs. Laxmi Subramanian shared the six traits of an inclusive leader which are Element of curiosity, Cognizance of bias, Cultural intelligence, Collaboration across the globe, Commitment toward the goal of the organization, The courage to take action. She also shared three perspectives which are Real problems, Real numbers you are trying for & Real consequences. She also said that we should create a culture of inclusion, identify the makeup of your own organization and look at diversifying source channels. Diversity and inclusion can only become successful when leaders begin it. 

Every speaker was given a Virtual Memento at the end, as a token of gratitude for their wonderful speeches.


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  • Date: 03 Dec 2021
  • Time: 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM
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