Albuquerque IEEE Women in Engineering Public Talk Series


Lecture:  Additive Manufacturing of Affordable, Secure, and Sustainable Housing in Support of A Healthy Global Population

By: Maryam Jojati, Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico

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  • Date: 23 Feb 2022
  • Time: 05:30 PM to 06:30 PM
  • All times are (GMT-07:00) US/Mountain
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Pre-registration required

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • United States 87111

  • Co-sponsored by Albuquerque Section of the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE)


Dr. Maryam Hojati of University of New Mexico


Additive Manufacturing of Affordable, Secure, and Sustainable Housing in Support of A Healthy Global Population

Today over one billion people live in slums and
other unhealthy living conditions. Another 2.5
billion people worldwide are projected to migrate
gradually into urban areas by 2050. With rapid
urbanization, climate change, and resource
shortages, the number of individuals/families
needing safe, affordable, and dignified housing
will increase. New technologies such as additive
manufacturing (AM) enables the production of
industrial products and, due to its flexibility, is
claimed to be the next industrial revolution. AM
also holds great potential to assist engineers and
architects in producing fast, economical and
complex structures and buildings. This
presentation will introduce recent advances in
digital construction to construct Earth projects
and make new advancements for construction
outside the Earth, such as on Moon or Mars.


Dr. Maryam Hojati is an assistant professor in Civil,
Construction, and Environmental Engineering at the
University of New Mexico (UNM). She received her
Ph.D. in 2017 from the Pennsylvania State University.
During her academic experience, she worked on a
structure, and application of Additive Manufacturing
in Construction. She was involved in multi phases of
the NASA Centennial Challenge from 2016 to 2019
NASA to build a 3D-printed habitat for deep space
exploration. Currently, she is working with a team of
variety of research studies that equipped her with
the skills to conduct diverse research in material,
graduate students at UNM, and her research
interests include sustainable materials, structures,
and construction practice by using emerging
technologies to enable resilient infrastructure.

Address:Albuquerque, United States