Build An 8-Bit CPU From Scratch Part III

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The CPU or "brain" of a computer: Ever wondered how they function? or even wondered how complicated and intricate they are? 
Join us for a four-part series to learn more about how CPU's function. Participate in building a functioning 8-bit CPU from scratch. We will watch instructional videos from Ben Eater before jumping in and assembling a different component of his 8-bit breadboard computer kits at the end of each session. We now have a breadboard computer that has a completed Clock Module, RAM, and Arithmetic Logic Unit(ALU). For this session, we will add RAM and the Program Counter (PC) to the CPU.

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  • Date: 15 Apr 2022
  • Time: 06:30 PM to 11:00 PM
  • All times are (GMT-05:00) US/Eastern
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1) Watch informational and instructional videos from Ben Eater's YouTube channel where he teaches us about different components of a CPU and assembles his breadboard computer kit.

2) Assemble another part of the 8-bit breadboard computer kit based on what we learned from Ben Eater. In this session, we will assemble the RAM and Program Counter (PC).