Updated!! Peter Coffee's "The Future is Now" an OCCS & AITP LA Virtual Meeting

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Virtual Event Details: Technology Trends Shaping our World (Technologies You Didn't Notice We Already Have)

Many have heard the William Gibson quotation that "The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed."

This year, Peter will look at some specific "technologies of the future" (including many elements of "metaverse" models) that are already achieving levels of useful deployment, or at a minimum beginning to influence current decisions and plans – and will discuss the new viewpoints required, the new skills demanded, and the rules of new games to be played.

The path forward requires major contributions by technology leaders -- CIOs, software developers, entrepreneurs -- enabling the new connections, data flows and processes, and empowering the team collaborations and customer experiences that form foundations for the future.

Peter Coffee brings us the global and multi-industry perspective of cloud leader Salesforce.com, promising us an evening of insights and opportunities for action.

Join this tech visionary for a glimpse into the future – to better understand the major trends accelerated by the pandemic and the profound impacts of technology in shaping how the world moves forward.

About the speaker

Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce, has been with the company for thirteen years. He works with the company's customers, partners and account teams in areas including connected customer engagement, new data models and methods, trust technologies and practices, and business applications of AI-derived techniques. He currently spends most of his time with customers assisting their acceleration of digital transformation timelines in response to the global pandemic.

Peter spent his eighteen years pre-Salesforce writing for publications including eWEEK, Computer Language and AI Expert, while also publishing two books and contributing to many others in areas including Java programming, information governance, and nanotechnology developments. Before that, he worked for ten years as an AI applications analyst and desktop computing manager at The Aerospace Corporation, and in project management roles for various divisions of (what was then) Exxon Corporation in locations from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic. He has lectured on innovation practices and AI techniques at Stanford, CalTech, Harvard Business School, and the Sloan School of Management at MIT, along with other institutions in Singapore, India and Spain. His current writing often appears at diginomica.com/author/peter-coffee.

In the real world, Peter has been a Boy Scout high-adventure expedition leader, choral and instrumental composer/conductor/performer, and manager of a Los Angeles-area food bank; he is President and co-founder of the Foundation for Intelligent Life on Earth, a Seattle-based nonprofit focusing its immediate attention on food insecurity in that region along with its principal ongoing support for climate-change research and mitigation.

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  • Date: 23 Jun 2022
  • Time: 06:15 PM to 07:30 PM
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