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After a review of survey questions, a survey was conducted by the CS Vice Chair, Senthilkumar Mehalingam.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss potential candidates to fill in the officer vacancy  poistions for the Power and Energy Society Chapter.   Mr. Mehalingam also made several inquiries at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities.
The Section, CS Chair, CS Vice Chair (member of PES) discussed on possible candidates.   As a result from this meeting, William Cromwell will be asked to accepted his position as Vice Chair and Dr Tarek Masaud will be asked to confirm his position as Chair.  If accepted, welcome emails will be sent out.  Vtools will be used to assign the Chair and Vice Chair officer positions for PES.
Past chair, Hisham Noman will be moving out of Colorado and moving to California.   We intend to collaborate between the section where he's moving to and our section with regards to co-sponsoring virtual PES meetings. 
Finally, an image of a powerpoint slide will be sent forth discussing of disbanded or inactive society chapters.
The image provides the number in the lower left of each chapter/affinity group logo is the number of members in the society gathered from OU-Analytics.   About 50% of the 662 section members are above the blue line and about 75% if you include the ones below the blue line of disbanded societies.  As discussed yesterday evening, I plan to use Senthil's survey questions as a baseline and with his help send similar PES-survey questions to the society chapters that got disbanded.

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  • Date: 31 Aug 2022
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Discussion on officer vacancies in Power and Energy Socieity Chapter