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The Twin Cities IEEE Computer Society invites you to debate:

Artificial Intelligence is "Fake"

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now taking over the world.

In the article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” (Turing, 1950) Alan Turing proposed what he called an imitation game (now known as Turing test), a scenario in which a person would communicate with both a computer and a human via key-board terminal. If the questioning person could not distinguish the computer from the human, the computer should be considered intelligent according to Turing. Today, Turing tests are generally satisfied. In many scenarios, humans cannot distinguish a computer from a human.

AI will now do just about anything for you. Machines now optimize logistics, predict weather, drive your car, write your thesis, verify your identity, and answer your queries faster than any human. A machine can be your chess opponent or be your girlfriend.

AI must be real. Everyone is hysterical about it. Why? True intelligence implies a self-determined entity, capable of independent decision making, as well as harbouring self-doubt and uncertainty (fear) and related motivations. Without the need for a controlling programmer and no need of explicit algorithms, attempts at controlling the machine may be interpreted by the machine as a threat. This makes the machine unpredictable (untrustworthy) and, itself, a threat.

AI acceptance is at a fever pitch. AI has exacted for itself a big budget from the Defense Department, and companies are investing m(b)illion$ to employ the brightest minds on Earth to bring us AI. These are not stupid people.

Are they? Perhaps the human-like intelligence that we aim to ascribe to machines is really not that impressive. As Descartes implied, humans are essentially automata, mere biological machines. Descartes also claimed that human free-will was outer-worldly. Without freewill, or a soul for that matter, machines can never embody human ingenuity.

For the Turing test, the problem is that computers operate on known data and cannot hypothesize about the unknown or investigate accordingly. That is, AI cannot exist without input from a human. Without data, machines are useless.

We can model a machine to mimic a brain’s neurons. And for good measure, we can infuse realistic randomness in to the system along with biological nomenclature such as neural nets and genetic algorithms. But it is all superficial.

As with familiar objects imagined in a cloudy sky, humans are mesmerized by the possibilities of complex systems. No doubt AI will entail such folly, and a large economic one at that, just as history has shown time and time again, AI is the latest proverbial sledgehammer for driving tacks.

Researchers have categorized machine intelligence as Strong AI, Weak AI, Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), ... None of it matters, except for the marketing department. AI is actually AI In Name Only (AINO), as AI at the machine level is just an incredibly complex system of finite state machines. It is just clockwork for working out symbolic logic on a large scale.

Join us for a debate to settle the AI argument once and for all.

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  • Date: 27 Apr 2023
  • Time: 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM
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  • North Hennepin Community College
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  • Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
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  • Building: Center for Liberal Arts (CLA)
  • Room Number: CLA 120
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  • Starts 27 March 2023 09:00 PM
  • Ends 27 April 2023 07:30 PM
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The debate will begin at 6:00 PM and conclude no later than 7:30 PM, at which time there will be a vote on the topic via on-line survey.

Light snacks & beverages will be provided.