NH ExCom Meeting

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Virtual ExCom for September

  Date and Time




  • Date: 20 Sep 2023
  • Time: 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM
  • All times are (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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1. Attendance 
   Quorum check -- David Casper
2. approval of agenda including consent agenda
    Consent to approval of outstanding 2023 minutes (in the appropriate month's ExCom directory area)
    Consent to approval of outstanding 2023 treasurer reports 
3. Chairs Comments
      R1/2 - OWL device -- not Sept, maybe Oct. (360 display/mic for hybrid meetings)
      Forming an SSIT chapter, and possible AI panel
      Parking lot: Review of how we handle budget, and possible guidelines on spending (target March meeting)
4. Action Item Report
     - Jim/et al -- elevation committee -- actively soliciting participation
     - Newsletter distribution (eNotice in general or??)
5. Chapter/Affiliate Group Activity & coordination
    Key action: identify one or two topics in your chapter/affiliate group area of interest
      and plan on which month you will try to organize an activity based on that.
6. Standing Committee Activities: 
    Fall PACE/WIE/YP elevation interview event -- Barbara/Henry
7 Old Business
     Section & Chapter Election Cycle for 2024/5 --Status: Raj.
     Wicked STEM --- Sept Event 23rd
8 New Business

9 Next Meeting  --  Wed. Oct 18. 6PM Airport Diner, Manchester
10. For the good of the order --
11 Adjourn to forum
12 Forum topics (upcoming events, etc)
    Discussion of budget/reimbursement processes


   Our Leadership Team:
      Communications and Signal Processing     Chair: Open
      Computer Society                 Chair: Wei Lu
                              Vice Chair: Sridhar Raghavan
                              Treasurer: Baris Kazar
      Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society    Chair: Open
                              Secretary: J Michael O'Connor
      Microwave T&T/Antennas and Propagation     Chair: Elizabeth H. Schenk
      Vice Chair: Ian Armstrong
      Power and Energy Society             Chair: Tom Mongeon
      Reliability Society            Chair: Michael W. Bannan
      Robotics and Automation Society         Chair: Sridhar Raghavan
   Affiliate Groups
      Consultants Network             Chair: Raj Vayyavur 
      Life Members                 Chair: Alan Schecter
                              Secretary: J Michael O'Connor
      Women In Engineering/Young Professionals     Chair: Barbara Bancroft
      Education Chair/Community            Qiayon Yu
      Student Activities            May Wan
      History Committee                Jason Hui
      PACE                    Henry Axtmayer