A visit to "International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials" Balapur P.O., Hyderabad

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An industry visit

Registration is mandatory and the visitors have to plan their own tranport facility till the gate of ARCI and the visit starts sharp at 10:00AM..

For any queries contact :

Dr. Tripura Pidikiti - 9440163204

Dr. Hima Bindu: 6304846481

Mr. MVK Vamsi - 8639275637

The objective of the visit is to induce and inculcate:

  1. The advancements of the Powder Metallurgy and New Materials to the students.
  2. Development and advancements in high-performance materials and processes for niche markets
  3. View of development and demonstration of technologies at prototype levels.

Description of the Event:

The International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials[ARCI] is a place that believes  “Innovation is Power”. This 95 acres vast institute was established in the year 1996-97 under the autonomous research and development center of the Department of Science and Technology[DST]. What happens in ARCI is a mere vast process of merging materials and electronics. In ARCI they follow development, demonstration, transfer, solutions, refinement, and repeatability.

Starting from the basic waterfall model ARCI believes in the improvement of materials in the fields of ceramic processing, nanotechnology, solar energy, automotive, and many more. They currently have three working groups namely aerospace, sensor, and biomedical. ARCI is proud to announce its help in 40 startups, 250+ climatic solutions, and 125+ patents. Our journey with ARCI started with a seminar at “GS Bhattacharyajee Seminar Hall” where we are introduced to the creation of technology transfer and commercialization models where research is linked to transfer data, an entire process from innovation to applications. 

To start with the view we are introduced to Pulsed Electro Decomposition[PED] where pulsating currents and power generators are used for the formation of coating on the materials. The same but with a different approach is the working of Detonation Liquid Spray Coating[DLC] which uses Oxy-acetylene, Nitrogen, and a powder coat mixture in 6 pulsating signals to apply the coat. 

Describing the problem of electrodeposition: which is not possible on the metals. This is achieved using the Cold Gas Dynamic Spray technique[CGDS], a spray technique for coating dissimilar metals.

In a detailed approach, we have learned about the Electron-beam physical vapor deposition which uses thermal barrier coating like straws which can withstand the shots and deposit the coating on substrate material. To highlight the Cathodic Arc Physical Vapour Deposition[CAPVD] where the argon and metal are etched for the film deposition on the heated substrate and later cooled down. All this process goes on with high precautions and in a vacuum chamber creating a suitable atmosphere.




To add they have also been advanced in testing the materials that are coated and joined likely in ceramic processing, dissimilar metals attachments resulting in better materials and metals for the technology usage. They even established solar panels for the electrical usage and running of the institute. Each inverter consists of 4 strings. Each string comprises 17 panels and each panel gives 300 watts that are arranged in 4 rows. Most of the power in ARCI is utilized using solar panels on working days and on off is supplied to the grid saving a lot of electricity bills in the institute. 

One powerful example of the advancement of technology in ARCI is laser processing of materials where laser welding is used for the attachment of dissimilar metals with zero gap[180-micron acceptable range] with a speed of 3m/minute. The dilaser uses laser hardening for the deposition of powder which helps reuse the available parts in the machines for a long time. Likewise, additive manufacturing works for 20-50 microns which involves manufacturing knee joint, hyoid bone, human jaw…etc can be done by 3D metal printing just to reduce the weight of the subject. In the traditional process, a full metal block will be taken and it was cut into the req. subject which can cause a lot of waste when compared to 3D metal printing which was a part of additive manufacturing. The best part of laser manufacturing is in usage of robots, and CAD systems for the manufacturing of difficult and minute materials. 

Adding on with photoelectric coating which uses photons for the deposition of powder on the substrate material by creating a vacuum medium which can be operated using a Programming Logic Controller(PLC). The final highlight and the best achievement of ARCI is the advancement and manufacturing of lithium-ion battery which is prepared in an incubator in the amount of 50kg/day in the incubation center which uses Graphite as an anode, polymer as a divider, and LFP(LiFePO4). In advancement, they are using LTO(Li4Ti5O12)which is fast charging and is used in a wide range. On the other side, they have developed a supercapacitor that does not use any electrolyte and takes less than one minute to charge that can be connected in parallel to a lead-acid battery which can give more current during times like climbing a speed-bump. This advancement is used in Chinese Public Transportation making the supercapacitor to replace the lithium ion battery. The advancements in this field include sodium ion batteries and the production of lithium-ion batteries at 150 kg/day.

Transfer of technology to India and providing solutions to industrial and strategic sectors and human resource development are the views and objectives of ARCI making it heaven for the advancement of the materials with technology and a better future.  

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To make students aware of : How multi Disciplinary Equipment in industries runs 2. Their maintenance 3. Trouble shooting 4. They can have exposure to Industry