Building a Conversational Artificial Intelligence with Raspberry Pi Computer

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This demonstration uses a different approach to building a conversational intelligence.  Whereas most AI systems use a large database and a conversational search engine, this method teaches the system to parse knowledge sentences and infer additional statements.  The teacher resolves ambiguous statements found by the system.  The methods do not depend upon any particular human language. 

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Using a Raspberry Pi to Build a Conversational Artificial Intelligence System

This approach to constructing an artificial intelligence system uses instructor training to develop precepts and inference methods that generate additional statements.  The system notifies the instructor if a generated statement has two or more meanings.  The instructor resolves the issues by specifying the grammatical uses and meanings of the word 


This approach to developing an artificial intelligence system builds up the system by specifying basic axioms and identities.  An inference system then generates additional statements.  Statements that are ambiguous are referred to the programmer for action, usually to resolve grammatical usage or provide additional knowledge to the system.