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“IEEE DAY”- An event to promote IEEE membership benefits, share real-world
experiences, and foster a sense of community among technology enthusiasts. The IEEE Day Celebration
at the Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, organized by IEEE SPIT, provided valuable
learning experiences. Participants gained insights into the advantages of IEEE
membership, real-world success stories, and funding opportunities. The event fostered a
sense of community and reinforced IEEE's mission of innovation and collaboration.
Brief information about the event : Organized by IEEE SPIT in collaboration with
IEEE AESS, IEEE CS, and WIE SPIT, the IEEE Day Celebration at the Sardar Patel
Institute of Technology was a beacon for many technology enthusiasts. Central to the
event was the Membership Benefits Session by Mr. Dattatray Sawant, Chair of IEEE
Bombay Section's Student Activities Committee who highlighted the advantages of IEEE
membership. Real-world testimonies from current IEEE students amplified the session's
value, particularly those who benefited from IEEE funding opportunities. The day served
not only as an informative gathering but also fostered community spirit, evident from the
shared enthusiasm during the cake-cutting ceremony. As an acknowledgment of their
commitment, participants received certificates from the IEEE Bombay Section. The event
encapsulated the essence of IEEE's mission: driving innovation and fostering community.

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  • Date: 13 Oct 2023
  • Time: 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
  • All times are (UTC+05:30) Chennai
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  • Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
  • Munshi nagar, Andheri
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • India
  • Room Number: 008

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