Microgrid Solutions for Communities in Puerto Rico: Design, Resilience, and Performance


As the world shifts towards using more sustainable forms of energy generation, microgrids have emerged as a way to promote energy independence, increasing community resilience. Puerto Rico’s power grid has suffered extensive damage due to recent natural disasters, subjecting many communities to frequent power outages. Puerto Rico could benefit from microgrids, empowering communities by providing a resilient and sustainable energy solution that can operate independently from the main grid during instances when grid power is not available. Sandia National Laboratories has developed tools and capabilities to facilitate comprehensive designs, resilience assessment, and transient modeling, tailored to the unique energy challenges faced by communities, particularly in the aftermath of natural disasters. Collaborative efforts between Sandia and local universities have helped ensure that the microgrid solutions are effective for communities in Puerto Rico. Through this multidimensional approach, Sandia seeks not only to contribute to the advancement of microgrid technologies but also to provide a viable and resilient solution for the energy infrastructure challenges faced by communities in Puerto Rico.

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Rachid Rachid


Rachid Darbali-Zamora is a Principal Member of Technical Staff in the Renewable Energy and Distributed Systems Integration (RDSI) group at Sandia National Laboratories. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez in 2013 and 2016, respectively. He received his Ph.D. in the field of Power and Energy Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez. In 2019 he became an adjunct professor at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez. As a staff member at Sandia National Laboratories, he supports student internships through several Minority Serving Institute Partnership Programs. His research interests include distributed energy resources, photovoltaic inverters, wind turbine generators, grid services for voltage and frequency, microgrids, grid forming inverters, power hardware-in-the-loop experiments, renewable energy systems, and distributed energy management.