Prospects of Industry leading tech fields such as AI, DevOps, Blockchain

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Prospects of Industry leading tech fields such as AI, DevOps, Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain are powerful forces in this dynamic digital ecosystem. Individually, they have significantly impacted various industries and societal interactions. The fusion of AI and Blockchain can potentially revolutionize supply chain logistics, healthcare, and cybersecurity, among other areas. The combination of the collaboration between AI and Blockchain forms a robust alliance that tackles data security, transparency, and efficiency issues. DevOps is a combination of software development (dev) and operations (ops). It is defined as a software engineering methodology which aims to integrate the work of development teams and operations teams by facilitating a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility. Generative AI is effectively used in DevOps, enabling developers to enjoy the numerous benefits. By integrating AI within DevOps, most of the tasks will be automated, including generating and testing codes and improving workflow efficiency. Together, they are poised to revolutionize various industries and unlock unprecedented potential. In this seminar, we explore the prospects of three giants: AI, Blockchain & DevOps, revealing how their combination boosts security transparency and transforms industries, leading to increased efficiency and innovation.

● Artificial Intelligence (AI)
● DevOps
● Blockchain

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  • Date: 07 Feb 2024
  • Time: 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM
  • All times are (UTC+06:00) Astana
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  • Rajshahi , Rajshahi
  • Bangladesh
  • Building: Dr. M. A. Wazed Miah academic building, University of Rajshahi

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  • Co-sponsored by DevSkil, IEEE Rajshahi University Student Branch, Department of Information & Communication Engineering,University of Rajshahi.


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