IEEE PES Atlanta Technical Talk - Cyber-Informed Engineering

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Cyber-Informed Engineering (CIE) is an emerging method to integrate cybersecurity considerations into the conception, design, development, and operation of any physical system that has digital connectivity, monitoring, or control. CIE complements — but does not replace — the application of cybersecurity standards or practices currently in place within an organization. Rather, it expands cybersecurity decisions into the engineering space, not by asking engineers to become cyber experts, but by calling on engineers to apply engineering tools and make engineering decisions that improve cybersecurity outcomes. CIE examines the engineering consequences that a sophisticated cyber attacker could achieve, and drives engineering changes that may provide deterministic mitigations to limit or eliminate those consequences.

Engineers and technicians that design critical energy infrastructure installations can integrate the 12 principles of CIE into each phase of the engineering lifecycle, from concept to retirement. These principles are aimed at system or design engineers, operators, and technicians, rather than software engineers or operational cybersecurity practitioners, because the engineers who design, build, operate, and maintain the physical infrastructure are best positioned to leverage a system’s engineering design to diminish the severity of cyber attacks or digital technology failures. This approach creates new opportunities for engineering teams — and not just cybersecurity teams — to secure the system using the physics and mechanics of engineering controls — not just digital monitoring and controls.

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  • Date: 28 May 2024
  • Time: 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM
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  • 2100 East Exchange Place
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  • Starts 01 May 2024 12:00 AM
  • Ends 23 May 2024 12:00 PM
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Sam Chanoski of Idaho National Laboratory


Cyber-Informed Engineering


Sam Chanoski delivers technical leadership, expertise, and strategic insights to Cybercore’s portfolio of multi-million-dollar critical infrastructure security and resilience projects sponsored by the Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense.  He influences the development of large, long-term sustained programs for research, development, demonstration, and deployment associated with control system cybersecurity for nationally critical infrastructure, with particular focus on the energy sector.

Prior to joining INL, Sam spent sixteen years working in intentionally diverse positions across the electricity industry including real-time operations and maintenance with three large investor-owned utilities, situation awareness and event analysis with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, intelligence with Electricity ISAC, and as the global security incident response team leader for a major manufacturer.

Sam’s professional interests include real-time transmission and distribution operations, organizational behavior, control systems cybersecurity, and emergency management and resilience. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, and an adjunct professor at Gonzaga University’s School of Engineering & Applied Science.


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