IEEE MOVE PR - Radio Communications - Excercises

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IEEE MOVE Puerto Rico will be doing HF communication excercises at Red Cross Central Offices in Puerto Ric9, and other locations, from Saturday June 1, to Saturday June 8, 2024.

IEEE MOVE PR - Radio Communications - Excercises

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  • Start time: 01 Jun 2024 08:00 AM
  • End time: 08 Jun 2024 08:00 PM
  • All times are (UTC-04:00) Puerto Rico
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  • Cruz Roja Americana Capitulo de Puerto Rico, Cll 9 SE
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • United States 00921
  • Building: Oficinas Centrales
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Experiential Training on MOVE-PR HF Radio for use in Support of ARC Communications

Technical/experiential training to learn how to:

  1. Assemble HF Antenna System and Power System
  2. Use of Xiegu G-90 for HF communication
  3. Practice the independent use of Xiegu G-90
  4. Elements of communications from Site to HQ
  5. Reflect and consider path forward



  • Saturday 6/1 - 8 AM - 2 PM - In-Person - ARC
  • Thursday 6/6 -7 PM-9 PM - Virtually - Includes in-home test of radios
  • Saturday 6/8 - 8 AM - 2 PM - In-Person - ARC


All MOVE PR volunteers are invited. Four teams of HF radio will be created for the training. Each will have a member that has participated in at least Technician training. We invite other MOVE members to train together so they can gain knowledge on the practical aspect of HF radios.

A radio kit will be issued (technician trained) on Sat 6/1 to take home to continue developing first by tuning to HAM radio stations and during virtual training on Thursday 6/6 session.

Note that each session will have different content. If for scheduling reasons you choose to attend only one session, it is suggested to participate on the one on Saturday 6/1/24 from 8 AM to 2PM. Due to the long content it is most important to be on time.