Senior Membership Upgrade - Virtual event

4/22/2017 - 4/23/2017 Weekend VIRTUAL online event through email 



Have you ever considered becoming a Senior IEEE Member?

The Benefits & Qualifications are detailed on the IEEE Membership site.

Senior IEEE Membership

  • Recognition as an Accomplished Professional
  • Senior Member Plaque
  • US$25 Coupon for Society Membership
  • Letter of Commendation
  • Leadership Eligibility

Your IEEE Cedar Rapids Section will be holding a virtual  event on 4/22/2017 - 4/23/2017 to help you through the process.

Senior Members will be available to act as References.

This event is to help you through the process,  but you still need to apply online at the IEEE Web Page.


Senior Membership Upgrade (what you need to do)

1.) Renew your IEEE membership (if not already done), Review the Senior membership requirements to ensure you qualify.

2.) Make Application online and identify three references (Cedar Rapids Chairman can be one reference).

3.) Discuss your background with the references and they will send in nomination forms.

4.) The IEEE National Review Panel will consider your application based on your application and the details supplied by your references.  


Steps to apply

1.) Log on to IEEE and start an application for Senior Membership Upgrade.

2.) If you need help in identifying references or with the process, register for this event and indicate your intentions to attend or conduct the application over email and phone.

3.) Submit your documents at the IEEE website and the Chapter will invite you. 

4.) Contact the Section officers  talk about the references or indicate your desire proceed over email and telephone.

Note: This event is to connect you with IEEE Sr Members that can act as references,  if you have personal contact with IEEE Senior members who know you, use them. The references do not make the decsion on your upgrade they only validate your experience and summarize it for the IEEE Board. 

Where: VIRTUAL (via email and phone) The onsite meeting is planned for future

What to do: If you wish to be considered for a Senior Membership Upgrade then review the requirements (ensure you have 10 years of professional practice) 

What to bring: Submit your application on the IEEE website and contact as above; be able to talk about the significant things you have done during your profession. The interviewers only recommend elevation, you will still need to make application and be reviewed by a national committee.

Please register for this event by clicking on the large yellow highlighted hyperlink below.
Questions: Raman Aravamudhan at or Eric George at

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  • VIRTUAL Online application with email or phone contacts
  • US, Iowa
  • United States

  • Raman Aravamudhan

    MD Chair, Cedar Rapids Section

  • Co-sponsored by IEEE Cedar Rapids Section
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This is Virtual meeting.