EEEL620 Analog Microelectronics Presentations from IEEE student members


EEEL620 Analog Microelectronics

EEEL620 Analog Microelectronics Presentations from IEEE student members

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  • Date: 07 Apr 2017
  • Time: 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
  • All times are (UTC+00:00) Edinburgh
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  • University of Westminster 115 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6UW, United Kingdom
  • London, England
  • United Kingdom W1W 6UW
  • Building: Cavendish
  • Room Number: C1.52 Small Lecture Theatre

  • Tel: +44 20 3506 4533
  • Co-sponsored by IEEE Westminster
  • Starts 26 March 2017 09:00 PM
  • Ends 07 April 2017 05:00 PM
  • All times are (UTC+00:00) Edinburgh
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TOPIC: Capacitive touch sensing technology and its application
Presenters: P. Abustan and S. Kremson
Abstract: Capacitive touch sensing technology is widely used for replacing mechanical switches in consumer products due its reliability, durability, cost and variety of applications.
In this presentation, will be overview of designs and technology implementations on a touch screen example.

TOPIC: CMOS Manufacturing Process
Presenters: A. Al-Nuaimi, C. McCutcheon
Abstract: Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, is a technology used to construct integrated circuits. CMOS technology is used in a variety of digital logic circuits such as Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, RAM and many other. It is also used in many analog circuits such as data converters, transceivers. This presentation will provide an overview of how these transistors are manufactured.

TOPIC: RFID technology and its applications
Presenter: D. Bhardwaj
Abstract: RFID technology has grown in popularity for its wireless automated data capture and its ease of integration in any market, making it ideal for many industrial applications. This presentation will provide an overview of the past, current and future RFID technology, its applications, and security issues.

TOPIC: Analog to Digital Converters
Presenters: N. Ahmad, G. Michael, and J. Shah
Abstract: An ADC is a device which enables the conversion of an analog signal into a digital one by sampling the original analog signal (also known as quantisation). ADCs can differ vastly between one another in terms of operation and sampling, and this presentation will discuss the applications of an ADC as well as how they operate.

TOPIC: IC packaging
Presenters: M. Omer, and P. Rafalowski
Abstract: Development of IC packages has become a very dynamic industry. Wide application in almost every field dictates its own demand on electronic packages. To satisfy such diverse specifications over 40 different types have been created. This presentation will provide summary on design variety, structure and manufacturing process of this technology.

TOPIC: Digital to Analog Converters
Presenters: P. Sharma, and B. Skidmore
Abstract: DACs are most commonly used in audio and video applications, to convert a digital data stream into analog signal. This presentation will have an overview of two of the most common types of DACs: Sigma-Delta DACs and the pulse width modulator, as well as their characteristics and basic mechanisms.

TOPIC: Non-planar Multiple-gate field-effect transistor (MuGFET) – Intel tri-gate (3D) and FinFET
Presenter: A. Juncaj
Abstract: Non-planar Multiple-Gate Field-Effect Transistor (MuGFET) is the current driver of ever demanding low-power, high-performance and high density processing units for both PC and smartphone industry as well as sustainer of the Moore’s law. This presentation will have an overview of the history, application, challenges and different aspects of the non-planar MuGFET transistor particularly focusing on the Intel tri-gate (3D) and FinFET technology.

TOPIC: RF – Harvesting Energy
Presenters: F. Barlescu, and G. Unichi
Abstract: Radio Frequency (RF) energy transfer and harvesting techniques have recently become alternative methods to power the next generation wireless networks. Such technique can be used in many wireless applications such as charging mobile phones in areas where electricity is not available. This presentation will have an overview of the energy harvesting methods using RF.

TOPIC: Organic electronics
Presenters: I. Antonakis, and S. Russo
Abstract: The demand for electronics is constantly growing together with the problem of wastage of old products, as well as the request for newer technologies, such as flexible electronic devices. Organic electronics may be the key to our future technology, as they can be made with cheaper alternative materials that have the potential to be more environmentally friendly, and at the same time provide flexibility and other characteristics, which current inorganic materials do not have. The presentation will discuss current technologies in Organic Electronics and expand on the use of this technology for future applications that can benefit our world.

Presenter: R. Roca
Abstract: GPS is a global navigation satellite system and this presentation will give an insight on its different applications from its launch, around 40 years ago, to nowadays, with special attention to its recent implementation into mobile handsets.

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