IEEE EMBS/CS and ComSoc/SP Joint Chapters - Austin, Presentation on “Graphene Electronic Tattoo Sensors"

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IEEE  ComSoc/SP Austin Jointed with EMBS/Computer Austin Chapters


EMBS/Computer Society in colaboration with ComSoc/SP joint chapters would like invite you to the upcoming monthly talk for September:



"Graphene Electronic Tattoo Sensors"


Presenter: Dr. Shideh Kabiri Ameri, UT Austin





During recent years, demands on wearable electronics especially for mobile health care and human machine interface have increased. The latest advances in wearables have been made by electronic tattoos (e-tattoos) which are ultrathin sensors and systems with the thickness of hundreds of nanometers to tens of micrometers. E-tattoos can be laminated on the skin like as secondary skin and extract physiological information from the body. This type of ultrathin devices are designed to maintain optimal performance on the microscopically rough texture of the skin and under strain level of 30% or higher. Developing such ultra-conformal, multifunctional electronic tattoos can pave path for the introduction of system-on-skin tattoos. Such sensor-system can greatly benefit athletes, elders, disabled, individuals with mental and/or brain disorders, pregnant women and new born babies for the health monitoring out of clinical setting.



Shideh Kabiri Ameri is a postdoctoral fellow in the University of Texas at Austin. She received her PhD in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University in 2015. Her research during PhD focused on graphene based devices for electronics, sensing and biotechnology applications. Other projects which she conducted or participated in during her PhD are electrophoretic cell trapping and cell lysis, microfluidic based optoelectronic sensors for detection of dissolved CO2, and hydrogel based pH sensors for monitoring of wound healing.  Shideh also holds AS degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences and master and bachelor degrees in Physics.

In the University of Texas at Austin she is working on two dimensional materials based electronic tattoos for noninvasive physiological sensing and human-machine interface. Her research has been highlighted by IEEE spectrum and received national and international media coverages. She is author and coauthor of 14 scientific journal articles, 19 conference presentations and inventor of 2 filed patents.


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  • Date: 21 Sep 2017
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