[Legacy Report] IEEE Power Event - Intelligent Power System Management


The worldwide demand for renewable energy has sparked a high interest in wind turbines, solar panels and other similar sources of electric power.
In turn, the decentralized nature of such power sources requires a new approach to grid control to be developed in contrast to the traditional power grid based on comparatively large power generation units.
To ensure reliable, secure and economic operation of such a grid, intelligent energy system management has been intensively studied by researchers over the world in order to utilized distributed energy resources to provide system operation services.
The seminar on intelligent power system management has been established to provide members of IEEE in Denmark and other interested parties to get acquainted with the ongoing work on intelligent power system management.
The IEEE Power and Energy Danish Chapter has succeeded in getting the PSMIX group from KTH to give a number of presentations on intelligent power system management and one presentation from DTU-CET.
The Distinguished Lecturer (DL) covers current and future standards on:
• Power System Management and Related Information Exchange.
• Grid4EU project: Service Level Agreements SLAs
• Real-time Topology Inference of Electrical Distribution Networks
• Business Models for an Aggregator in Smartgrid
• Multi-Agent based Controller for Active Distribution Networks

  Date and Time




  • Lyngby, Kobenhavns Amt
  • Denmark
  • Co-sponsored by CET - DTU Elektro