The Department of ECE in collaboration with Communications Society under IEEE – VBIT SB took an initiative to organize a three day hands - on workshop on “Image Processing using MATLAB, Simulink and FPGA” for both faculty and students.

Event Description:

The objective of this workshop was to focus on new trends, techniques, developing skills and innovative ideas of image processing. It is intended to guide the young engineers and faculty members to inculcate the skills of applying the existing tools to serve the real time complications. VLSI tools help the society and country in developing innovative products in image processing and biomedical applications. This workshop aimed at making the participants aware of existing tools, the methodologies involved in it and how to relate them to the practical world.

Day 1:

 The commencement of the workshop was done with a brief on introduction to VLSI, its importance and the real time operations.

 The difference between Analog and Digital systems – their relation with Signal Processing was stated to the participants.

 Basic Mathematical computations, Algorithmic development in MATLAB and Simulink were taught.

 Next level of examination of academic level was introduced by letting the participants solve various examples.

Day 2:

 Image Processing using MATLAB is introduced in the first session which seemed to be intriguing as it is out of regular curriculum.

 The stages of processing an image and performing desired operations on it were illustrated.

 In the next session the difference between MATLAB and Simulink was elucidated and frequently used tools in Simulink were detailed.

 Performing of same operations on an image using Simulink was taught which reduced the stress of coding in MATLAB.

 The chronological order of linking Simulink to FPGA was explained in detail.

 Various examples like generation of sine wave, FDA, BPSK were done by the participants under the guidance of the speaker.

 Difference between various MATLAB versions was briefed about.

Day 3:

 The procedure to simulate and synthesis a program in Xilinx was depicted by taking intelligible examples.

 Sequence of interfacing the program with FPGA was clearly illustrated in an interesting way.

 SPARTAN – 3 and SPARTAN – 6 boards were utilized for processing purpose and the components on it were detailed.

 Step by step procedure of interfacing with SPARTAN - 6 was demonstrated.

 A demo on interfacing and Video Processing was shown which cleared all the doubts present in the minds of participants.


Exuberant knowledge was gained by the participants because of hands – on experience with the tools used in the high level software. The workshop offered a giant opportunity to witness the eminent speaker, sharing knowledge with the young and aspiring minds. It encouraged the participants to choose a field among all the present technological developments and come up with new ideas. The ambiguous minds of under graduates were satisfied by the empirical study.


  Date and Time




  • Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • India



Image Processing