IEEE Canada Technology Leadership Webinar Series - XV

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Sensors and Signal Processing for Autonomous Vehicles

More than a million lives are lost due to automotive accidents around the world annually. With the latest advancements in autonomous driving technology, we have a great opportunity is presented to us to save those human lives. An autonomous vehicle is a complex hardware and software system. One of the key components of the self-driving stack is Perception, which is responsible for perceiving the world through sensors. Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) use a variety of sensors such as radars, lidars, cameras, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, Inertial Moment Units (IMUs) and microphones. These sensors are selected to maximize the redundancy while complementing each other's capabilities. During the past several years, the continuous sensor improvements have contributed immensely towards improved driving performance. Radars have evolved to become 4 Dimensional (4D) sensors providing high range, Doppler, azimuth and elevation resolutions. Number of lidar companies entered the market providing point clouds containing more than million points. Cameras have increased their resolution and dynamic range tremendously. Even with all these advancements, there is a considerable untouched opportunity to improve perception sensors and software to achieve and surpass human level performance. This talk will look into the sensor fundamentals and signal processing, recent advancements, challenges and opportunities that will make the highways a much safer place for all.






Speaker: Shaminda Subasingha, Zoox (An Amazon Company)
Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Time: 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm (EDT)
Venue: WebEx
More information: Event page
Contact person: Dale Tardiff <>


IEEE Canada Technology Leadership Webinar Series: IEEE Canada is hosting a webinar series on Technology Leadership. We are inviting professional associations, learned societies, think tanks, governmental agencies, and other institutions to participate and contribute speakers. This webinar series is a platform bringing our thought leaders from different stakeholders, from all walks of life to present their views and advocate their positions on science, technology, society, and future economy. It will be open and free to the general public. 


Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed by the webinar speakers are those of the speakers, they do not necessarily represent that of the IEEE Canada.

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Shaminda Subasingha Shaminda Subasingha of Zoox

Dr. Shaminda Subasingha is an early member of Zoox engineering team. Currently he is the Senior Engineering Manager of the Signal Processing (DSP) team. He has been working on different sensor technologies related to automotive navigation including radar, lidar, depth cameras and microphones. Prior to Zoox he was a Staff R&D engineer at Qualcomm multimedia R&D group and a Senior DSP engineer at Motorola Solutions. Shaminda is a co-inventor of more than 30 granted patents and over 35 pending patent applications in various technical areas including audio perception, lidar, radar, and depth camera processing related to autonomous driving. In addition, he has co-authored a number of refereed journal and conference publications.

Shaminda received PhD and MS degrees in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Miami, FL, USA and BSc degree in electronic and telecommunication engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.


3.30 pm - 3.33 pm: Opening and welcome (Dale Tardiff).
3.33 pm - 4.15 pm: Presentation (Shaminda Subasingha).
4.15 pm - 4.27 pm: Q&A (Shaminda Subasingha).
4.27 pm - 4.30 pm: Closing remarks (Dale Tardiff).

* Time is given in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


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