Best Practices for Running a Successful Local Consultants Network

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An AICNCC Virtual Meeting

In early 2022 the Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks Coordinating Committee (AICNCC) polled local consultant network chairs to find out the status of their local groups. What we learned is that many networks were having trouble restarting activities after having such a long layoff from in-person meetings. We also learned that many chairs have questions about activities of the AICNCC.

On September 28 at 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT the AICNCC is sponsoring a virtual workshop for local consultant network chairs. We’ve asked Brian Berg of the Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley (CNSV) to give a presentation on the best practices for maintaining a healthy and vibrant local consultant network. Brian will be joined by Board members of the CNSV to have an interactive discussion about things they’ve done that have kept their local consultant network strong year after year.

After their presentation there will be a Q/A with the speakers and with members of the AICNCC. The speakers will address any questions you have regarding the presentation. The AICNCC members will address any questions about the committee's activities.

So, we invite all Chairs and other officers, as well as potential future Board members, to attend this online event.


This meeting will be recorded to be used as an on Demand resource

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  • Date: 28 Sep 2022
  • Time: 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM
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  • Starts 29 August 2022 04:00 PM
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Brian Berg Brian Berg


IEEE Consultants Networks


Brian is an independent consultant with extensive experience with storage devices and interfaces, including Flash Memory, Disk Drives, RAID/Disk Arrays, Optical Storage (CD-ROM, DVD, WORM, Magneto-Optical, Content Scramble System-CSS), Tape, Storage Area Networks (SAN), and USB, SCSI, iSCSI, SAS, Fibre Channel and SATA/IDE/ATA/ATAPI.  He has performed device tear-downs in order to study the workings of a number of consumer electronics devices, and has studied the operation of Kindle and Nook e-book readers.

Brian has participated in over 80 conferences and industry events as speaker, session chair, conference chair and conference advisory board member.  He is Technical Chair of Flash Memory Summit, the world’s largest independent storage technology conference. He has written device drivers, software and firmware under Windows/DOS, UNIX (incl. Sun and SGI) and embedded real-time operating systems (RTOSs), and had worked with Android-based products. Brian has been a software developer, project lead, industry analyst, seminar leader, technical marketer and writer.  He is experienced with programming languages including C, C++, Java and assembly.

He has been an Expert Witness and consultant in over 80 engagements involving patent, trade secret, copyright, class action and contract disputes. These have drawn from over 30 years of experience in the storage industry and as a computer engineer, and have involved technology in the storage, IC CAD, software and hardware industries. He has written expert reports, been deposed, and has provided courtroom testimony at trial. These engagements have involved source code analysis and comparison, object code disassembly, benchmarking, and computer media duplication, as well as forensic analysis on data storage devices and file systems using tools including EnCase.

Brian has been an IEEE-CNSV member since 1998, and has spoken at numerous CNSV events since that time. He is CNSV Program Chair, having organized nearly all the monthly meetings since 2006.



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