Exploring the Future: StudioLab XR Tour

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Embark on an immersive journey into the future of creativity and innovation with our exclusive StudioLab XR Tour! 🌟 Step into a world where reality blends seamlessly with the virtual, as we unveil cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking projects shaping tomorrow's experiences. Led by industry experts, this tour offers a firsthand glimpse into the limitless possibilities of extended reality (XR) technologies. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your horizons and witness the future, today!

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  • Date: 03 Apr 2024
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  • All times are (UTC-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
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  • Co-sponsored by Gurman Ubhi
  • Starts 19 March 2024 08:00 PM
  • Ends 03 April 2024 10:00 AM
  • All times are (UTC-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
  • No Admission Charge